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Make-up for the Valentine's day, step by step

What make-up on Valentine's Day? There are several classical techniques in make-up. This is a popular black winged eyeliner, red lips and smoky smoky eyes. But now you'll know how to make a bright, colorful and very sexy make-up on Valentine's Day!

Many girls, day after day continue to choosebeige, brown and gray colors for eye makeup. And, most of all make-up on Valentine's Day is also planned in the audited neutral colors. It is in vain. Properly selected color shades will make your eyes shine!

The most important thing in make-up - it is the right equipmentoverlapping shadows. And remember that the use of color does not necessarily contact selected. With this technique you can do make-up on Valentine's Day in different shades.

How do eye makeup on Valentine's Day

Step 1 Draw eyebrows. The saturated evening makeup eyebrows can be made wider, and Procrit graphical now their more darkly.

Step 2 Apply on the entire eyelid shadow or pencil champagne color.


eye makeup

Step 3 Flat synthetic brush gently Shadepencil border towards the temples. Grey or brown shadows darken the crease and make the outer corner of the eye. To do this, draw a shadow in the outer corner of an inverted V, and blend well its borders.

Step 4 Now apply a purple shade to the outer cornerbrown on top. Gradually layering color, until you reach the desired color intensity. Valentine's Day Makeup almost ready - a little more patience!


eye makeup

step 5 In the center of the upper eyelid apply a pink-gold pigment, (inglot - 22). To the pigment color is intense, lightly wet the brush with water.

step 6 In the inner corner of the eye, apply highlighter to refresh and illuminate the eye.


eye makeup

step 7 Apply on the lower lash line of blue shadows. Lightly shade shades downwards, to create a light haze.

Step 8 Carefully cover with the bottom water line with black pencil.


eye makeup

Step 9 Apply a little pigment (inglot - 22) on the lower lash line. This technique will create harmony in the makeup.

step 10 Draw an active black winged eyeliner. Apply mascara on the lashes.

Your make-up is over.


eye makeup

Happy Valentine's Day!

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