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Low body temperature: the causes and what to do

Failure temperature regulation function can leadto major complications and even death. A long period of low temperature to 35.5 degrees indicates a possible disease, 29.5 - resulting in loss of consciousness, 27 - coma, 25 - death.

Naturally, there are people who have a lifetimehave a lower body temperature by one or two degrees and thrive, keep a daily activity. But it is rather an exception to the general rule.

What to do with low body temperature

If you find yourself in or near native lowtemperature, do not panic. The first thing to do - is to consult a good doctor and ask for a general diagnosis. Only after the qualified consultation to begin treatment. As a rule, low body temperature, the causes of which are already defined, easily removed after a few weeks of treatment.

This may be the consequences of recent myocardialflu-feet or acute respiratory disease, physical exhaustion, beriberi. Such problems can be solved easily: it is enough to take the vitamins prescribed by the doctor, to make higher quality food, it is the greatest outdoors - and the body will recover quickly.

But there are more serious causes of low body temperature:

  • brain disease
  • supercooling
  • AIDS
  • chronic bronchitis complications
  • anorexia
  • intoxication
  • undetected inflammation
  • shock
  • oncological diseases

All of them have the first sign of which is expressedat reduced temperature, constant weakness, drowsiness, forgetfulness, irritability constant. If this condition lasts for more than 3 days - this is a cause for concern and an urgent visit to a specialist.

Causes of low temperature in the child

Due to his young age and weak immuneprotection of the child is most vulnerable and in need of a systematic supervision of parents. In this case, too, there are exceptions - premature infants. The reason for the low temperature has been determined, and the parents just have to make every effort for the custody of the child. The most terrible uncertainty when there are symptoms, and how to help the child no one knows.


Do not make or create the effect of rubbingindoor greenhouse. After consultation with a physician will be successfully overcome the disease, following all instructions. The most frequent, leading to low body temperature in a child - it is the failure of the thyroid gland, adrenal problems, hypothermia, weak immune system, nervous and physical overload.

In any case, it is not necessary to guess the reason for the low body temperature and how to fix it. It is necessary to act immediately to restore the health of yourself or a loved one.

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