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Learning to love your appearance: Practical Advice

You waved the hand and have forgotten what it meanscatch yourself admiring glances? You do not take even a sincere compliment? Surely the question "Do you like my body" you snapped - "Why?". We bet you stopped loving care for themselves, unaccustomed to pamper yourself and decorate.

This state of the gray mouse (or ride a horse) is dangerous for the female nature - it is necessary to change the installation immediately!

How do you feel about the appearance?

We must start with the right attitude tophysical beauty. After all, what appearance? Just a shell behind which hides your true identity, and most importantly the dignity of each person - his inner world and the desire to give love to others.

You, of course, agree that the woman is beautiful,which is in peace and harmony with each other and the world. Close people appreciate you not for facial shapes and curves, and for your warmth and care, the ability to support in a difficult moment, for the good character and the light coming from the inside.

There is a saying that you can love a soul not knowingbody, and hand on heart under that subscribe to the majority of men. So even with imperfect external data, and you can be happy in life. If you fall into despair about their appearance, remind yourself these truths often.

Tune to be beautiful

How to love your body, if you do every dayover and over again you criticize yourself? There are girls who in the mirror and do not want to look, and prefer to buy clothes only think in urgent need - to once again not to be upset in the dressing room ...

Dislike for yourself - this is a form of psychological violence, and if you castigates herself for extra weight or small breasts, you're already halfway to depression. Or, depression has overtaken you?

After all, the low estimate of the physical dataIt is often the real cause of psychological disorders, and more setbacks in his personal life, lack of success at work, and God knows what else! Start fighting samoedstvom and gloom today, or every year, so that there will be more and more difficult every day to solve the problem of low self-esteem.

Do you really need a positive attitude. How it work out, if you're used to walk depressed and no longer remember when enjoyed myself in the reflection?

Try to imagine some of the psychological techniques - many girls they helped, and you will use:

  • try speaking daily affirmations (short phrases, in which you affirm their attractiveness, confidence, peace, etc.);
  • make a list of goals in appearance - 2-3 and more specific achievable goals, promise yourself to achieve them in a certain period of time;
  • Enter Beauty Diary - notebook, where plannedclasses at the gym or a jog in the park, visit a massage therapist (hairdresser, beautician), weekly treatments (masks, peels). So you do not miss, and be able to assess their progress, and this is very important;
  • A ban on the complaint - her husband, her friends,colleagues, mom ... Omit the floor himself in the eyes of others is now banned! On the other hand, make themselves compliments (with myself), and the admiration of others (hairstyle, fragrance, a new bag) accept with gratitude, not arguing;
  • another method: call yourself affectionate nicknames that do not hurtful to you nuances.

The changes start small, do not rushevents, and will be setbacks, and bad mood, and resentment ... The main thing - do not believe your bad thoughts, work on confidence, tightens physically, and results will not keep you waiting!

Your body - your business

To learn to appreciate and love the body,often hesitate as it serves you right, moving, working, updated, helping you achieve success. Your body - and the closest relatives who dutifully executes all your commands.

Do you want to faint and depressirovat - it weakens it or blossom and enjoy life - becomes stronger and gratefully respond to care about him.

But not everything understand how important it is to maintainyour body in good shape. Are any of your friends smokers, girlfriend, inciting you to a glass or two of beer instead of a useful campaign to fitness? We - that is our environment, so if you are constantly communicating with people hating my body and harmful to him, their life style will reflect on you. You need it?

Probably around there and harmless to the bigots mindKnockers and aggressive, which is constantly, directly or indirectly, accuse you of unattractiveness and lack of willpower, bantered over you gradually degrade, compare.

Do you want to love yourself and be happy that yougiven the nature of - cut the communication with such "well-wishers", especially if it turned out that you have become dependent on the opinions of these people. You are beautiful inside and out, and nobody has the right to dissuade you of that! And with a few flaws, we are now begin work.

The list of "What's not to like"

As in the popular TV show, stand in front ofa full-length mirror in his underwear and lovingly inspect your figure. Yes, in some places, bad in others thick and would like better. - Write in a notebook, you need to correct. Now spend an hour and peremerte your wardrobe, and daily output, with shoes and your usual accessories.

Again, we observe what is wrong: If the sweater does not sit, write - "Urgent lingerie shop for a new bra"; if the dress does not look, mark - "Stoop. Correct posture! "; and so on, all over-all over the wardrobe, on all counts.

How to look your best: Express tips

Here are a few tricks of women, who in one moment will make you more attractive and happier as a woman, if you give it a little attention:

  • Wear the right clothes (there is an increasing volume, corrective, firming - you know how this changes the appearance, even when you are in jeans and a sweater?);
  • change the glasses for contact lenses (comfortable, beautiful, minus 5 years of age!);
  • get rid of uncomfortable shoes, and with it the fatigue and shuffling gait, promise yourself that you will only wear comfortable shoe - heels, heels or low speed;
  • refresh the color of hair in a beauty salon, paint the gray hair, if it is, make a more complete natural color, light tone, highlight a few strands - your face will shine !;
  • strengthen the press, back and leg exercises(Find out what will suit you). Fitness for Women - an urgent need, 1-2 times a week to do exercises with dumbbells for these muscle groups, and you will move gracefully, walk, keep your back may disappear some problems with the state of health (often we do not have enough physical activity to lose stress);
  • black things in the locker room should not grabpower. Leave the little black dress, leather jacket, a pair of black turtlenecks, else carry in feminine colors (pink, raspberry, peach, beige, burgundy, lilac, emerald, yellow);
  • if you want to learn to love your body, give him a constant sense of freshness and purity. All that you need - bath, deodorant and light spirits, as well as a model accuracy;
  • Get rid of stretched, lost the kind of things, timely change clothes Relations homepage - your body will thank you in a cheerful mood and a great tone!

To love means to take care of the needs of

Good sleep, proper nutrition, exercise - that works for the long term. You want to live a long, full, active life?

If you have children, you've probably at least oncedreaming of what will become a grandmother, and so whether you are clumsy wreck or a jovial and good-old woman, depends on how you are doing this to your health - it drain the power for the sake of momentary pleasure, or train, accumulating a reserve of energy for years to come.

Quit smoking, lift the glass only on holidays and take sick leave, do not work for wear, undergo preventive medical examination and timely solve all health problems.

The way you treat your body, passedothers. Take care of yourself, take care of yourself, give yourself the care, even less than the beloved wife and children, but do not forget to do so, including for the sake of loved ones. You are a woman, and women derive their strength from the inner beauty and harmony!

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