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Laser resurfacing stretch marks

Stretch marks (striae) - may appear in anywomen during pregnancy, hormonal disruption or sudden weight loss. Most often, they are formed on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and breasts. Get rid of these scars is very difficult to conventional creams and lotions.

Laser removal of stretch helps to make them less noticeable and if stretch marks are still fresh - it is possible to get rid of them completely.

Just after a few treatments, you can enjoy a beautiful and young body.

Unpleasant blue scars on the body - the skin condition, it is very difficult amenable to therapy. These scars are caused by rupture kallogena cells.

Remove laser stretch marks, you can by using several techniques:

  • Deep laser resurfacing - based, for the removal of long-standing stretch marks;
  • Surface laser resurfacing - increases efficiency, after the work of the friction of the laser;
  • Grinding recommended for sagging skin - it makes scars less noticeable and increases the elasticity of the body.

Fractional method of treatment of scars and stretch marks

Fractional Laser launches educationcollagen, rejuvenates the skin and makes the scars paler and less noticeable. Removal of stretch marks laser is possible for any stretch marks not only fresh. Although completely get rid of the unfortunate scars impossible, they can only be reduced.

According to its method of fractional effect is not inferior to traditional laser resurfacing and is less traumatic. It is the most safe and gentle method of getting rid of scars.

Since stretch marks are different (loose skin or chronic scarring), in these cases, a standard laser resurfacing.

The essence of the method of friction

Friction rejuvenation - is one of the mosteffective and common ways to treat scars of varying complexity. It is much like laser treatment of stretch marks, but unlike the latter does not vaporizes the upper layers of the dermis, and makes little kanalchiki deep into the skin. For the reason that the cuts do not cover the entire surface of the skin, but only a small fraction, healing is much faster.

Channels done by laser to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the deep layers of the skin. in stretching Collagen is produced actively scars flatten and become less noticeable.

When frictional removal of stretch marks laser its impact is only on a small area of ​​the skin without affecting the body around the problem area.

This ensures fast patient recovery.

The procedure is carried easily and painlessly, she feels only a slight tingling sensation. After the procedure - scar (striae) becomes pink, and after 2 weeks it is being pulled and pale.

For procedures friction laser removal of stretch marks, the following contraindications:

  • Oncological diseases, epilepsy;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Inflammatory diseases of the skin - in active form herpes, psoriasis, dermatitis exacerbation of inflammatory processes in the intended grinding zone.

The procedure is not recommended after peeling (notless than 2 weeks) and sunburn. Maximum freedom from striae is possible after 6-10 resurfacing procedures with intervals at 1.5 months. Within 1 week after the procedure, you need to regularly moisturize the treated skin.

Laser removal of stretch marks

Laser resurfacing stretch marks - commonprocedure to which address not only women, but sometimes men. Treatment of striae fairly time-consuming job and requires a comprehensive approach. The action of the laser greatly accelerates the production of collagen in the dermis cells, forcing the connective tissue of the scar. Ultimately, the patient receives a smooth, elastic skin. The number of necessary procedures, depending on the size and inveterate stretch marks. Old scars are not removed completely, they are thinner than a hair, pale and almost imperceptible.

Laser removal of stretch marks, you can:

  • To achieve a visible effect already after the first procedure;
  • Conduct grinding stretch marks with a laser is absolutely painless;
  • Reduce the period of healing and rehabilitation to a minimum;
  • Get healthy and beautiful skin.

The essence of the laser method

Powerful laser beams penetrate the skin just inparticular place or scatters on the surface. During treatment, stretch marks laser light wave heats the stretch marks, making them more flexible. The laser stimulates active collagen, heals blood vessels due to which scar becomes pale and invisible even under close examination.

Within 5-10 minutes after the procedure, is coming off a reddening of the skin, the upper layer of the dermis looks absolutely smooth, without the slightest damage.

The beauty of laser resurfacing

The use of laser makes it possible not only to fullyget rid of fresh stretch marks, but also to make almost invisible chronic striae. This sensitive method enables the treatment of scars, even for people prone to a variety of allergic reactions.

resurfacing procedure is painless and is performed withoutuse of anesthesia. Laser resurfacing stretch marks does not injure the skin (such as surgery), after the procedure there is no bruising, swelling and suppuration.

A remarkable treatment effect occurs immediately after the first session, and the maximum number of procedures allowing to completely remove unpleasant scars that will not exceed 7 sessions.

Most importantly, after the laser resurfacinghorrible stretch marks disappear forever, this has been proved by thousands of women to take advantage of this service. If you have tried to imagine a lot of methods, but the results are still not visible, do not be upset.

There are a number of clinics, staffed by professional doctors are good and you will never be left with an unresolved problem.

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