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Laser hair removal bikini

Every woman aspires to, to lookflawlessly. So, we have to get rid of unwanted body hair. Unfortunately, on the delicate parts of the usual way of doing this is difficult and painful. Such traditional methods such as the use of the razor, lead to cuts, irritation, pain and require regular repetition. Laser hair removal - the procedure is so great, that it tried to return to other ways of getting rid of unwanted hair is simply impossible.

This magical laser!

Laser hair removal is becoming more popularworldwide for its ability to minimize the pain and the risk of irritation and skin damage. Its main advantage - the hair falls out and burned during the session or immediately after it.

The procedure is done on a special diodeapparatus. Ray per second destroys the hair follicle, and the pain does not occur. In rare cases, there is a tingling sensation that takes place in a moment. The laser can not inflict damage to the skin or cause an allergic reaction since only affects cells containing pigment (surrounding skin remains intact). If it is important to make the session as comfortable as possible, use an additional anesthetic cream that is applied to the skin.

So, we list the main advantages of the technology:

  • harmlessness and high efficiency of sessions;
  • painless (for sensitive skin);
  • the absence of irritation and inflammation after application of technology;
  • helps get rid of the hair, even in hard to reach places (laser epilation deep bikini);
  • laser hair removal leaves the skin smooth without leaving mikrorubtsov;
  • removal of all hair, including ingrown.

Preparing to leave in a bathing suit or underwear

The most popular service before the beach season is laser hair removal bikini.
As you know, this area is very sensitive and delicate. However, to prevent the presence of hair on it can not real beauty.

Today, laser hair removal bikiniIt is also carried out for hygienic reasons. For the session using the most delicate instrument. Prior to this study it carried out the hair color, and the type of client sensitivity of his skin. Due to the calculation of the fine, it is possible to adjust the laser power and the individual features.

The intensity of the correction can be of different types - aand laser hair removal on the panty line (shallow bikini), and bikini extra (zone includes the labia and fold between the buttocks), and laser epilation deep bikini (combines the above two areas). Typically, the service is also available for getting rid of unwanted hair in the pubic area. The service is provided to both women and men.

Many wonder whether the laser is dangerousbikini hair removal? No! All devices used Specialist handles special disinfectant, so the risk of infection is completely eliminated.

And thanks to the anti-inflammatory cream, which is applied after hair removal laser, the skin remains intact.

Contraindications for laser hair removal

The procedure of laser hair removal has a number of contraindications, lack of which must be checked before heading for a session:

  • oncological diseases;
  • diabetes in decompensation stage;
  • fungal diseases and skin lesions;
  • pregnancy;
  • the removal can not be light, gray hair and fluff.

Before you go for a session in the clinic ora beauty salon, it is necessary to cut the hairs on the treated area up to 5-7 millimeters. Before going well advised not to take a hot bath, do not sunbathe or visit a solarium.

Two weeks before the session can not pull hairin a selected area and use the tetracycline antibiotics. Three days before the procedure is not recommended to wipe the area with an alcohol.

The recommended mode after treatment

Upon completion of the course should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • no access to the pool with chlorinated water, sauna or bath (3 days);
  • not sunbathe (2 weeks);
  • do not take a hot bath (3 days);
  • do not wipe the alcohol-treated area means (3 days).

After the session, the treated skin mayblush slightly, but in a few hours it runs. In general, laser hair removal bikini zone does not require special rehabilitation - to a habitual rhythm of life, you can return almost immediately after the procedure.

How about carrying out the procedure at home?

Is it possible that laser hair removal at home on the effect does not differ from the services of the salon? Unfortunately, the number of negative responses Member of a special apparatus is left open-ended questions.

Here are some of the most common complaints:

Home treatment takes too much time

Keying is necessary to direct to each hair. More recent models of scanning systems allow for a single pulse handle all the hairs in the area 5x7 mm. Inside, the treated skin area above.

uncomfortable position

The clinic or salon client is located in a natural position. In addition, the procedure takes less time. Skilled much easier to epilate remote places.

  • Low power unit

Laser hair removal is performed in the homeusing a semiconductor laser, in order that the person could not inflict self-harm. As a result, the total removal of hair becomes impossible. Professional installation is a setting that allows a specialist to vary the power individually.

  • dearness

Even the most modern cell phones are not insuredagainst breakage. Parts of the road, as does the repair. If the resource is over manipuly device, it can be thrown away. To correct for the newly regrown hair it may not be enough.

Thus, the contraindication for laser hair removal is not extensive, the procedure is available for a wide range of clients. It is almost painless and causes persistent delicious results!

In some cases, the need to re-pass the maintenance procedure, but it happens every few years. The problem is ready to disappear forever!

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