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If liposuction - one last chance: it is necessary to know about the realities of the operation?

Liposuction thighs is one of the mostdemanded procedures in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. With it you can quickly get rid of localized fat deposits in the most "problematic" area of ​​the female body.

The purpose of the operation

Its essence lies in the use of selectiveremoving portions of subcutaneous fat, which concentrates the largest accumulation of lipid cells. The surgeon gets a small puncture in the treatment area and then enters them in a special miniature cannula for later removal using a special vacuum device.

Classical liposuction surgery involves complete surgery with general anesthesia and is quite lengthy rehabilitation.

However, in the era of universal progress of medicineand it does not remain on the sidelines and is now used in cosmetics more sparing technique of correction of the female figure. For example, laser liposuction hips, in which the lipid tissue is destroyed by precisely directed light emission, and destroyed fat cells are removed from the body through traditional metabolic processes.

Many of us have seen the horrific photos "results"a plastic surgery that produced a lot of myths and "horror stories" about her. In some unfortunate patients manifested banal unattractive ripples and roughness of the skin, another lucky even less, because they are faced with suppuration and fistula formation. Needless to say how many patients died of Plastic Surgeons on their desks as a result of anaphylactic shock?

But all these things are the exception rather than therule. The first two examples are the result of the negligence of the operating doctor, and the third most fatal, oddly enough, is the fault of the patients themselves.

In the quest for the ideal women try evenconceal the fact allergic to medicines, if only they were not denied in the procedure. And some are looking for the most "profitable" professionals who actually do not even have a license.

Looking at the picture quality made liposuctionhip "before and after", we can only envy the lucky girl that quickly and easily cope with the hated fat. And this beautiful effect - a direct merit of literate, intelligent and conscientious doctors.

The most important factors that you need to know about liposuction

In this article we have decided to place the mostcommon misconceptions related to the liposuction procedure for you to have an idea of ​​what to go and not too listened to the "compassionate" girlfriends.

Myth number 1. After liposuction are horrible scars on the body

Reality: Using the classic way, eliminate fatty tissue through small punctures in the skin. They usually heal very quickly and become completely invisible after a few months.

Any reputable plastic surgeonIt uses high quality bioresorbable sutures, which also does not leave a "stitches" on the body. Slitting the operation does not involve, in principle.

But if you're daring liposuction on the thighs and buttocks, panic fear, even those most punctures, we recommend alternative methods for local correction:

  • Laser liposuction;
  • Ultrasonic (cavitation) liposuction;
  • Vacuum liposuction;
  • Injections "Akvaliks» ( «Aqualyx»);
  • Injection mesotherapy.

It should also be remembered that minor changes in the skin scar after plastic surgery can be easily neutralized by fractional resurfacing.

Myth number 2. All the fat removed during surgery, returns to other places

Reality: This point can hardly be called false in every sense of the word. In the process of removing fat is not broken structure itself subcutaneous fat, but eliminated lipid cells actually return to their place for a long time.

However, if the patient starts to lean onfast food and lie on the couch, "biting" watching a talk show hamburger, relying on liposuction as eternal panacea, fat can actually return. And at first it will be distributed to nearby areas, only after accumulating in the treated area.

Thus, a lazy woman can reallyprovoke disharmonious redistribution of fat. But it is still very rare, because the vast majority of patients considers liposuction is not a salvation for all ills, but as a powerful motivational impetus to further improve the figures.

In addition, patients who are prone to entirety, oftenIt offers a combined procedure, such as one-stage liposuction of the abdomen and thighs. Therefore, this claim can not be unambiguously attributed to the myths and realities.

Myth number 3. bumps and ripples in the skin - required side effects after liposuction

Reality: No, no, no and no again! This misconception has given rise to the emergence of multiple surgeons whose hands grow clearly from the traditional places. Yes, this is really a defect observed in some women after classic liposuction, but it is not associated with the procedure, and to negligence and improper technique of its implementation.

On such a "hook" often come across womenwho wish to find a very cheap plastic surgeon, and save, for example, followed by a trip to the sea. But you must understand that turning to the "penny" experts, you are putting a serious and direct threat to not only the aesthetics of the body, but also your health.

Individual attention, the so-called"Shares" in the plastic. It's one thing if they are held eminent surgeons in order to attract new patients, and quite another when they are offered just graduated from schools beginners.

What conclusions can we reach?

The main thing - to choose a good doctor, especially if you want to get good results and maintain their health.

In this regard, special attention deservesprocedure liposuction inner thigh - it can adequately carry out only the real "Jeweler", which is well acquainted with the cosmetology and other minimally invasive procedures of the face and body correction. It is not necessary to save on operations: remember - you are putting at stake is not only the beauty, but also a life!

Do not turn to a little-known experts -too large risk that the resulting effect you, to put it mildly, are not satisfied. Be sure to communicate with a former patient, ask them to meet you (the World Wide Web is now a lot of hidden advertising, and alas, it was plastic surgeons often "sin" it).

And of course, a lot depends on your behavior inrehabilitation process. If you will ignore all the personal advice of your doctor, chances are you own hands spoil even perfectly performed work.

Indications and contraindications for surgery

Fighting fat deposits almost alwaysis subjective, "personal" testimony. However, there are cases when liposuction is performed in the therapeutic or preventive purposes (for example, if it is impossible to carry out surgery because of abdominal obesity).

To show you liposuction if:

  • You are well familiar with such a thing as a "fat trap", or hard to reach places with the lipid depot are not corrected by conventional methods in the form of diet and sports;
  • You pace yourself desperate hunger strikes, and no measures are not producing the results you expected;
  • You are ready to adhere to proper nutrition and normalize their physical activity after the procedure;
  • You are quite objectively believe that the only defect of your body - it's your hips (buttocks / abdomen / arms / double chin);
  • Are you ready for quite a long and arduous rehabilitation process with a lot of restrictions and caveats.

If all of the above is familiar to you, start searching for a good surgeon.

Liposuction procedure is strictly contraindicated in these states:

  • Decompensated diabetes in the insulin-dependent form;
  • Coagulation disorders (haemophilia);
  • Chronic diseases of the internal organs in the acute stage;
  • Autoimmune disorders;
  • Severe systemic (eg, endocrine) pathologies;
  • Cancer processes;
  • Pregnancy and lactation acting;
  • Tendency to form keloids.

If you are determined to expose her bodysurgical intervention with a view to correcting point, we can only wish you good luck and a competent surgeon on the way to his goal. Be fit and healthy!

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