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Hydrogen sulfide bath: Features of treatment, indications and contraindications

Already more than a dozen years in the active balneotherapyuse hydrogen sulfide (sulfide) bath. They are used to treat nervous, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, as well as a number of gynecological, urological and skin diseases.

On our planet, hydrogen sulfide sourcesfound everywhere, but for medicinal purposes they are used more often than it is in Russia. For example, one of the well-known sulfide deposits is Matsesta - resort in the vicinity of Sochi.

The effect of the impact of water in this type of literature called Matsesta reaction.

However, to undergo treatment hydrogen sulfidebaths can be not only in the resort Matsesta, but also in many other resorts, salons and even at home, because today used both natural and artificial mud baths.

Features of treatment of hydrogen sulfide baths

Treatment of hydrogen sulfide baths isthe following: availability of hydrogen sulphide ions (in fact, as is known, it is a gas) penetrate through the respiratory tract, mucous membranes and pores of the skin and enter the bloodstream circulating in blood, there are oxidized and removed from the body naturally. An important role is played by external factors - water temperature, hydrostatic pressure, the concentration of the substance in water.

Distinguish weak water treatment (total hydrogen sulfide content of 10-50 mg / l), moderate (50-100 mg / L), strong (100-250 mg / l) and very strong (over 250 mg / L) concentration.

Note! Assign the concentration of the substance has a bathOnly qualified doctor. Improperly cooked hydrogen sulfide bath not only benefit, but can cause substantial harm to the body.

Hydrogen sulfide baths have the following effects on the body:

  • stabilize blood circulation and help to reduce blood pressure;
  • activate the body's defenses, tone and strengthen the immune system;
  • stimulate the regeneration of skin, promote healing of skin lesions;
  • relieve inflammation;
  • improves carbohydrate metabolism, reduce blood cholesterol;
  • normalize the function of the autonomic and central nervous systems, improve the neuro-trophic function of the skeletal system, accelerates metabolic and oxidative processes.

And not so long ago, Chinese scientists have conductedstudy, during which it became clear that hydrogen sulphide slows the aging process by activating the "youth hormone" Sirtuin. That is why these procedures (in the absence of contraindications, of course) are very helpful for those who care about their beauty.


Matsesta Spa have a wide range of cures, with their help treat many diseases, namely:

diseases of the cardiovascular system (for atherosclerotic heart disease, hypertension, heart disease and I stage II-A);

diseases of the nervous system (brain and spinal cord injury, atherosclerosis);

skin diseases (chronic and seborrheic eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis);

diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, arthritis);

urological diseases (vesicles, prostate);

gynecological diseases (infertility, menstrual disorders);

endocrine diseases (decreased thyroid function, diabetes mellitus).


But as we know, every indication has its contraindications, and hydrogen sulfide baths are no exception. In some cases, carry out these procedures is not recommended?

Application sulphide bath is possible in case of:

  • pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • malignant tumors;
  • heart defects with decompensation;
  • bleeding;
  • viral and inflammatory diseases, elevated body temperature;
  • stable hypotension (low blood pressure);
  • diseases of the digestive tract in the acute stage and remission;
  • varicose veins, hemorrhoids;
  • severe form of diabetes;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • liver and kidney diseases;
  • weeping dermatitis, fungal skin lesions.

It is important! Apply sulphide bath only after complete a thorough examination of the body and by a qualified doctor. Even if you feel perfectly healthy person, the risk is not worth it - it can cause serious harm to the body, because often we do not even suspect the existence of at those or other diseases.

The course of treatment is usually 12-15 sessions,who spend either a day or two days in a row, and the third makes a break. The procedure is performed in a special room, which has ventilation. The water temperature was 35-37 ° C, treatment time - approximately 8-12 minutes.

During the procedure, there is clearlysevere reaction: skin swell, redden, the pores open, increases the secretion of the sebaceous glands. In parts of the body that are in contact with water, there is a sense of light burning, tide and heat. Afraid of this is not necessary - it's a perfectly natural reaction of hydrogen sulfide on the body.

Remember! You can not take a bath immediately after mealsor on an empty stomach, and after considerable physical exertion (eg, after a visit to the gym or jogging), then they should wait for at least 2 hours.

In order to benefit from the baths was the maximum, throughout the course of treatment is not recommended to overeat, drink alcohol, smoke and overwork physically.

If you do not have time and the opportunity to visitResort or specialized salon, you can organize hydrosulphuric bath at home. To do this, you need to purchase a pharmacy and a special drug to dissolve it in a water bath according to the instructions.

But before that it is obligatory to consult with a specialist who will prescribe the suitable dosage, as well as explain all the possible nuances.

If, during the procedure, you feel faint,nausea, dizziness, breathing problems or other ailment, it must immediately cease and ventilate the area, and subsequently reduce the concentration of the substance.

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