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How to use the highlighter for the face

In this article, we will discuss the topic highlightscertain areas of the face (strobing technology) and funds intended for this purpose. To do this, we need to understand what a highlighter, what are the types and colors, and how to use it correctly.

Such means, as a highlighter, stylists nazyvayutwand wand. It can not completely change the facial features and camouflage skin imperfections, its main purpose is only slightly highlight the cheekbones and other protruding parts of the body to give the face expression and freshness, as if you had just returned from vacation. To achieve this effect, try to figure out how to properly use a highlighter for the face.

Highlighter for the face - what is it

The technology of face correction using highlighternazyvaetsya strobing. As mentioned earlier, the tool lightens and focuses all attention on the convex areas of the face, giving it a light shine and "sculptural". Most often highlighter - a mineral product, which structure consists of the following ingredients:

  • mineral mica - combats premature aging of the skin, adds shine and velvety skin;
  • zinc oxide - microfilm covers the skin and prevents the evaporation of moisture;
  • powder;
  • satin Mika - beauty-pearl pigment.

Highlighter and concealer - what is the difference

Highlighter and concealer - it is two completely differentfunds, both in composition and as intended. The only similarity that they are applied to specific areas of the face, wherein each tool has its own application scheme. Unlike highlighter, concealer hides skin imperfections, such as rashes, vascular mesh, dark circles under the eyes. His foundation is like a foundation, but it means much more efficient, as it has increased pigmentation, easily falls on the skin lining the tone, thereby hiding imperfections.

What is the highlighter

In addition to mainstreaming profitable areas,highlighter gives skin a natural glow, evens shape of the nose, eyebrows shifted the focus to a drop-down-century, increases lip volume, hides fine lines (when used properly) - all this makes one means.

Improper and unauthorized use of highlighter can emphasize wrinkles and skin blemishes.

How to choose a highlighter for the face

There are three basic parameters, which you should pay special attention when choosing a highlighter for the face:

  1. means the density and texture;
  2. Colour;
  3. brand.

When you select should build on the many parameters of their appearance, ranging from skin and ending with the alleged tsvetotipa set.

types of highlighter

Now let's talk about each of highlighter options separately. Selection for the first performance depends on the skills in applying makeup, age and size. You can choose among these consistencies:

  • liquid - suggests spot-on fordenser coatings often used to highlight the lip line and underscores shaped eyebrows. Very easy to use format, which often comes with a brush;
  • Cream - also suggests spot-on. Suitable for dry and mature skin types. For this type of highlighter characterized by a high resistance;
  • crisp and compact powder - in thisperformance often can be found in the mineral-based highlighter. Such texture is the easiest in the application, it is used in the creation of natural makeup. No aggravating circumstances and is suitable even for more extensive areas of the body such as neck;
  • Pencil - highlighter in a format convenient to lighten the corners of the eyes, apply a dot under the eyebrows;
  • mini format - suitable for a small handbag, which should always be the means by which you can adjust makeup. Basically, it is a combined version with different shades.

How to choose the color of highlighter

The color of highlighter to pick up need to tone the skin, as well as considering what effect you want to achieve. Sometimes haylatera following colors:

The neutral shade highlighter

neutral - the most unobtrusive, virtually colorless pearl which can be safely used even for daytime makeup;

Peach shade highlighter

Peach - looks best on your skin, yellowish, making it a more youthful and fresh;

The golden-bronze color highlighter

gold and bronze - ideally combined with a tan. When applying this haylatera skin becomes more well-groomed and fresh look;

Pink-purple hue highlighter

pink and purple - for creating a glamorous image of a girl with reddish skin. Such haylatera colors visually reduce the redness and give the face a fresh.

With color highlighter sorted out, move on -brand. Here everything is quite simple - it is better trust the beloved producer. Professional make-up artists are advised to pay attention to brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, L'oreal, Maybelline, BECCA, Benefit and Catrice. A little later in this article, we will discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

How to apply highlighter to the right person

After you select the highlighter, the next step -the correct application of his face. Regarding this point, it is worth to learn one rule - applying highlighter in any case not chaotic, all over the face, which will give losk excess skin, it should be only the convex portions. Let's talk about specific areas of application haylatera and what effect can be achieved:

How to apply highlighter on the face

  1. In the center and on the side of the forehead area - emphasizes eyebrows, corrects the shape of the face;
  2. Under and above the eyebrows - bending and emphasizes the shape of eyebrows, make the look more expressive, corrects close-set eyes;
  3. On the inner corners of the eyes - it hides dark circles, makes the look more fresh and open;
  4. The highest point of the cheekbones, which are located over an area of ​​application rouge - makes the contours of the face more expressive;
  5. On the back of the nose - makes clear, smooth nose line, making it more accurate and miniature;
  6. In the center of the upper lip and contour - gives volume, lip contour make clearer;
  7. In the center of the chin - visually lengthen your face shape.

Step by step instructions on how to use highlighter for the face

Step 1. Clean the face with a tonic or lotion. Moisturizer, suitable for the skin type.
Step 2. evens the complexion creams. We are doing it with a sponge, not your hands.
Step 3. hides the flaws (redness, under eye circles, etc...) Corrector - concealer.
Step 4. We would like tone to perfection - applied with a brush highlighter. Proper shading means is performed from the center to the periphery.

If the facial skin is prone to fat content, it is better to use the base for make-up with a matte effect to reflective particles highlighter not stressed shine.

The scheme applying highlighter to correct the shape of the face

Now we shall understand which areas need to lighten, taking into account the shape of the face.

How to apply highlighter to the round face

The rounded shape of the face can be easily adjusted, it needs to pay special attention to the cheeks and under the eyes area, blowing out of a triangle. On the brow highlighter should be applied in the middle.

How to apply highlighter to the square face

The square shape of the face can be smoothed using a highlighter if brighten under-eye area, located at the highest point of the cheekbones.

When competing square type face should avoid horizontal lines and seek to ensure that they acquire the vertical direction.
How to apply highlighter on the face with eyes blizkoposazhennymi

Close-set eyes can visually"Arrange". To do this, apply highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes. The same technique allows you to visually enlarge small eyes, if further apply highlighter to the area under the eyebrows.

How to apply highlighter on the face with eyes shirokorastavlennymi

Widely spaced eyes are also subject to adjustment. To do this, you need to lighten the nose.

How to apply highlighter on the face with a small nose

Small nose can visually lengthen if applied highlighter to the side of the nose side.

How to apply highlighter on the face with the broad nose

Long and wide nose can be reduced if brighten the area between the nose bridge and tip of the nose.

How to choose a brush to highlighter

Main brush charm makeup - this isthey can be used off-label. For example, demand konsilernaya brush to apply lipstick. If we talk about the brush to highlighter, it is appropriate to use three options: duofibry, and kabuki brush for blush.

Selection of brushes depends on the consistency of highlighter. The first and the last option is only suitable for the bulk of options, the second - for the liquid texture. You also need to pay attention to composition and brush for haylatera - it can be a natural wool, if a crumbly highlighter, liquid - only synthetic fiber. This is due to the fact that the artificial material is unusual to absorb moisture, which is contained in the make-up.

Ranking of the best facial highlighter

Now consider the advantages of branded tools for strobinga. We have compiled a list of the most popular and best highlighter.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact

In the first place - Bobbi Brown Shimmer BrickCompact - Shimmer a powder compact that includes five shades. Thus it is possible to vary the intensity of the make-up of natural and virtually undetectable to more vivid and saturated.

Catrice High Glow Mineral

In second place - Catrice High Glow Mineral -baked highlighter with small reflective particles created mineral-based. Despite the fact that the agent refers to the mass-market, it has proved itself. Highlighter represented in one hue, which includes warm and cold colors Shimmer. It can be used for selection of large areas and spot-on for emphasis.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

In third place - The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer -means 3 1 - shadow Shimmer highlighter and formed as a compact powder. It has a soft velvety texture, enhanced resistance. Presented in the universal radiant shade of champagne, which is suitable even for very light skin type.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector

In fourth place - BECCA Shimmering SkinPerfector - Shimmer Liquid version with a dense texture and a wide choice of colors. Shine after the application with ease. Recommended for use in set with powder BECCA brand.

Benefit High Beam

In direct spot - Benefit High Beam - liquidhighlighter, visual has a pink hue when applied becomes silver color, with fine particles of glitter. Brush like varnish, it has no dispenser means but yet remains economical to use. Apply recommended using a brush with artificial bristles or fingers.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

In sixth place - MAC Mineralize Skinfinish -baked powder-highlighter with a wide variety of shades ranging from nyudovogo and finishing greenish midtone. When mild to moderate skin is applied to only a slight glow. The product is fairly lengthy (10 grams), so exactly one box will last for several years.

L'oreal Alliance Perfect

In seventh place - L'oreal Alliance Perfect -sufficient liquid consistency. Easily blends with the color, select the necessary zone. There is a handy dispenser. Apply with a sponge is recommended. Very good adaptation to the observed tones the skin - when applied immediately visible strip after a few seconds they disappear.

Maybelline Master Strobing Stick

And completes the list of the best facial highlighter -Maybelline Master Strobing Stick - made in two shades: for light and dark skin. Shimmer is not showered, has good stability, gloss graceful, easy to use, made in the form of a pencil.

Recommended use highlighter and secrets from the professionals

If you learn to observe proportions, thenhighlighter will be indispensable to create a fashionable and natural way, without burdening too much make-up texture. So, tell what advice give professional makeup artists to use such an important means for strobinga - highlighter.

  1. For liquid foundation liquid foundation is applied only haylater on the loose - pudroobrazny.
  2. When sculpting a person pay special attention to the areas that need to add volume, taking into account the peculiarity of the proportional type of appearance.
  3. Highlighter emphasizes wrinkles and skin imperfections, such as redness, inflammation, acne marks. When applying you should avoid such sites.
  4. Freshen tone facial makeup artists helps blend the tonal foundation and highlighter in a proportion of 70% to 30%.
  5. To view beamed for this under the eye contour are mixed in equal proportions concealer and highlighter.
  6. Wide forehead will help correct lightening frontal cavities, narrow - temporal region.
  7. The ideal nose shape will give a line of highlighter stamped on the back of it, but make it more narrow - feather on the wings.
  8. In order to give the amount of the narrow mouth, highlighter is necessary to outline the entire line of the upper lip, in the center - on the bottom, put the point and shaded.

We hope that you are completely mastered skills asuse the highlighter for face and stopped to think that this tool is used only by professional makeup artists. Our beautician long gone beyond the standard lipstick, powder and mascara. Therefore, for a long time it is time to learn to use new tools to face correction, which does not replace any even the best concealer.

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