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How to treat thrush at home women: Symptoms

Thrush provoke yeastCandida organisms that make up the normal microflora of the colon, the vagina and even mouth. But the disease is caused not only by the presence of these microorganisms and their multiplication in large quantities.

This leads to many troubles inSpecifically, to the pain, which is constantly accompanied by a woman. Most often we are trying not to think about thrush, vowing in a short time to go to the doctor. Time flies, and we sit at home and are treated. Here begins a new pain and trouble more severe abandoned and the forgotten disease.

Symptoms of yeast infection in women

Determine that you have a yeast infection, allow four of its main symptoms, we consider:

  • occurrence of burning, itching around the genital area;
  • presence of white cheesy discharge from the vagina;
  • pain when urinating;
  • pain during intercourse.

any signs of yeast infection in women It occurs in the vagina, around the genitals. The men - on the foreskin of the penis.

Although infectious agents are transferred through sexual contact in most cases the disease is caused by other circumstances and thrush is not a sexually transmitted disease.

known four main causes of yeast infections in women:

  • Firstly, a weakened immune protection of the mucous membranes. The reason for this can be a simple hypothermia, fatigue or treatment of diseases immunosuppressive drugs.
  • Secondly, the immune system may not have time to cope with a large number of fungi Candida, which comes from the external environment.
  • Thirdly, hormonal changes associated with the intake of contraceptives or pregnancy.
  • Fourth, it can simply be broken normal flora genitals.

Treatment of thrush in women

To cure yeast infection at homerequire a comprehensive approach with a positive result, not just getting rid of the fungal infection. It is necessary to identify women at particular sensitivity to this pathogen, determine what led to the emergence of the disease.

During this period is very important receptionimmunostimulatory drugs for the treatment of yeast infections in women, to restore normal internal environment of the vagina. And, of course, to eliminate the factors that predispose the body to develop bacteria of the genus Candida.

Modern medicine in the treatment ofthe disease is improving every year. There are new methods and various preparations of candidiasis. Some of them are administered topically, while others - inside.

How to cure yeast infection in women

In mild course of disease ratherlocal treatment remedy for thrush. Recommended treatment following medications: clotrimazole, miconazole, natamycin, isoconazole, nystatin. Additional antifungals can be incorporated in the therapy.


Treatment of relapse when the worsening of the diseasethere is more than 4 times per year, involves a different approach. Perhaps the use of pills or vaginal suppositories with clotrimazole and fluconazole. When pregnancy is not recommended to be treated exclusively topical preparations.

Treatment of thrush in women in the homeIt allows to achieve a successful result. In addition to various douching based infusions of herbs, such as chamomile or calendula, there is a specially developed system. These programs can not only cure the disease, but also to prevent its re-aggravation.

Following the recommendations, you will forget about this unpleasant disease, which causes much inconvenience to many women.

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