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How to straighten your teeth at home without the use of braces?

Many people, faced with the problems of occlusionand the curvature of the teeth, are wondering whether it is possible to straighten the teeth at home. In ancient times there were some exotic methods to improve the state of the bite. For example, for an aristocratic smile rich people seek professional help. Those teeth are advised to loosen the thread, attach a plate on the head with water to equalize their curvature.

Now we understand that it was one of the deceptions of the rich, but then this method is taken seriously. Although now there are people who can believe such nonsense.

Even more severe was the method of softening of toothsinuses miraculous elixirs containing aggressive chemical components. In our time, not aware of any way to treat an adequate means at hand.

Remember: independent straightening can lead to serious consequences.

After the non-traditional methods of treatment in the best case, you will happen no improvement. In the worst - it's over expensive, long and painful treatment, there were even cases of removal of the jaw.

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How to straighten your teeth at home without the use of braces?


Another question: whether it is possible to straighten teeth without braces installation? Because medicine is now developing rapidly, people can afford treatment at the right price, without serious effects on teeth and gums.

Even when there is malocclusionalternative methods of treatment without braces. You do not have to see your doctor regularly and suffer excruciating pain, so the process of alignment of the teeth will occur in the home.

The best way to avoid braces consideredprevention. It includes daily activities for oral care (cleaning, rinsing), the ability to properly brush your teeth at home, strengthening the enamel, removal of stones, preventative visits to the dentist.

If the doctor recommends to apply someharmless devices to prevent malocclusion at the child, do not ignore these recommendations. Fix the problem at an early age does not require much effort and cost less.


If you need to correct a small defect in one or more teeth in different places in the normal bite, use veneers.

This is completely invisible plate made of porcelain, enamel adhesive. They pick the color of the enamel or give transparent.

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You can put a full veneer (put onthe whole tooth) or part (between the fixed tooth plate). Adaptations are made individually, they are not taking up to 10 years. The cost of porcelain veneers is low, installation is quick and painless, permanent visiting orthodontist is not required.

Veneers cope with problems such aschips, gaps, minor irregularities or changes in the teeth. If you need as quickly as possible to straighten your teeth, the best solution - simply hide the defect, instead of correcting it.


Kappa is a transparent plastic cases, worn on the teeth. Let us consider how to straighten teeth without braces with the help of splints.

Periodically remove and clean designa special paste. Every two weeks a new kappa replaced. Their total included several dozen pieces. During the meals and clean the aligners are removed. Of the benefits you can highlight their aesthetic look and the absence of damaging effect on the gums. In addition, the device is made for each individual, taking into account all the physiological characteristics of the patient. Compared to other devices, mouthguards quite expensive will cost its owner.

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How to straighten your teeth at home without the use of braces?

On the first day design can be wornfelt pressure on uneven elements, and she kappa not fully tensioned. The following day, the device usually takes the correct position and ceases to press. If the first night of too pronounced pain syndrome, is permitted to remove the aligners in the morning or take a sleeping pill. The device is given to both adults and children. But still preferable to other methods for children.

In some cases, you fit mouthguards:

  • if the molars are slightly offset;
  • molars are too close to each other;
  • have expressed intervals;
  • there is a cross-bite;
  • some of the front teeth located above or below the other, which creates unevenness.

Serious as a pathology and anomaly are treated with the help of braces.


When the bite is best of all minor violationsapply preortodontichesky Trainer - Case made of silicone, which has pockets for each tooth. Inside there is a silicone resilient arc, which acts on the protruding molars and premolars. When aligned dentition, this arc will improve the bite.

Most preferably appoint trainers children from 5 to 12 years. If this time is missed or breach appeared later, as an adult, you can use the device.

For teenagers and adults are made of polypropylene-based trainers. This material is more rigid silicone, so the device should be changed more often - at least improve the bite.

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How to straighten your teeth at home without the use of braces?

Trainers eliminate the root cause of the defect, sothe result is stored permanently. The essence of the treatment is that the device improves the bite and trains lingual and facial muscles of the child is working correctly. The whole future life of your child will be more beautiful and proportionate features.

Trainers are very comfortable for children, because they are:

  • do not cause discomfort;
  • not visible to others;
  • painless;
  • do not require constant visits to the doctor;
  • Dress mostly at night, in the afternoon they sufficiently vilified for 1 hour.


When the process of malocclusion of the child has not yetgone too far, put on a special plate teeth. The device weighs on them and makes "take the place". Plate wear constantly, until the result is displayed. Periodically, you need to visit the dentist.

Lip bumpers - metal arc, are placed along the dentition, which can eliminate the formation of malocclusion in children up to 5 years.

The problem usually occurs due to improperthe process of breathing or persistent thumb sucking. Bumpers are able to lengthen the dental arch, to remove pressure from the buccal and labial muscles, reduce the activity of the muscles of the chin.

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How to straighten your teeth at home without the use of braces?


How to straighten teeth adult when he had serious malocclusion, launched curvature and displacement of teeth?

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How to straighten your teeth at home without the use of braces?

In this case, not be able to quickly deal withproblem and cure your teeth without braces, unless, of course, the dentist confirms this. But do not be upset and think that soon you will have an "iron jaw". Nowadays, you can put more kinds of aesthetic braces made of porcelain - the material is resistant to food dyes, and his tone is very close to the color of tooth enamel.

Better yet, look sapphire brackets - they are made of transparent artificial, but the quality sapphire look beautiful on your teeth, have a high strength.

What else distinguishes sapphire brackets of metal? They are more hygienic, since practically do not collect plaque. You can not clean up the construction after each meal.

Now that you know how you can straighten your teeth at home with the help of official medicine, it is unlikely you will want to turn to unconventional methods!

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