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How to remove bags under the eyes of the house

If every morning you wake up with bags undereyes, it is time to think about what to mask their creams - this is not the best solution. Skin age is very thin, and if there are any problems in the body, all of them are reflected on your face. Follow our advice and you will learn how to quickly remove the swelling and get rid of bags under the eyes at home.


In fact, the bags under the eyes - it is an occasionseek medical attention. Persistent swollen eyelids may be a result of poor lifestyle choices, and feature a variety of abnormalities in the body. Thus, determining the cause of eyelid edema, can act directly on the problem.

Causes of bags under the eyes

  • Chronic kidney disease. If the bags under the eyes are concerned, not only in the morning, but during the day - this is one of the signs that the kidneys are functioning properly. They are responsible for the water-salt metabolism in the body and if they can not cope with the task, the concentration of sodium in the tissues increases, causing bags under the eyes.
  • Chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. Maxillary sinus located directly under the eyes and inflammation, they can affect the surrounding tissue, which often leads to the appearance of bags under the eyes.
  • Pathology of the thyroid gland. Fluid retention in the body may be associated with decreased levels of thyroid hormones. As in previous cases, will be able to identify the cause of a doctor.
  • Lifestyle. Chronic lack of sleep, alcohol abuse, eating salty foods and large amounts of water, especially before going to bed, lead to the formation of bags under the eyes, which subside only in the evening.
  • Delay of fluid due to changes in weather. When you drastically change the climate and get into hot countries, the organism triggers a defensive reaction, resulting in tissue accumulate more fluid.
  • Genetic predisposition. In rare cases, bags under the eyes are caused by genetically and are not associated with any disease and lifestyle. In this case, we will always have to deal with bags under his eyes.
  • Age-related changes. With age, the skin loses its elasticity and begins to obvisat. In some cases, a herniated lower eyelid (bulging under the eyes of subcutaneous fat). In this case, remove the bags under the eyes can only surgically.

Prevention of bags under the eyes

The appearance of bags is better to prevent the moreIf your health is all right. Follow our advice and you will forget all about the fact that you have once appeared puffiness and swelling under the eyes.

Sleeping mode

  1. Go to bed no later than eleven o'clock. It is proved that the body rests and restores strength during certain hours - from 23.00 to 3.00.
  2. Your dream is to be at least six hours, and preferably all eight. If for some reason you do not get enough sleep, try the next day to make up the lack of sleep and sleep late.
  3. The higher your head during sleep, themore likely it is that the next morning under the eyes appear bags. If you have a flat pillow, the pillow higher buy or add a second. Thus the liquid will not accumulate in the eye.
  4. Try not to sleep on your back. The position "on the side" or "on the belly" - the most profitable in the fight against the tired face.

Proper nutrition

  1. To comply with diet, eat at least five times a day, dividing the food into smaller portions. A large amount of food eaten at one time, can lead to the bags under the eyes.
  2. Try to cook at home and to take with you incontainers. The food prepared in fast food establishments, often contain excessive amounts of salt, which can adversely affect the appearance of your face. Try not to buy prepared food, such food is comparable to eating at fast food restaurants.
  3. Drink every day at least two liters of drinkingwater. What matters is that the water was aerated and without additives. But bear in mind that drinking a lot of water at once, too bad. Distribute daily rate evenly throughout the day.
  4. Do not eat salty or sharp foods before bedtime. Salt retains water in the body, resulting in the morning face swells.

Massage against the bags under the eyes

Stagnation of fluid under the skin age is due to violation of lymphatic drainage. The best way to remove bags under the eyes at home - every morning to do lymphatic drainage massage.

Before the massage make the contrast washing,alternating hot and cold water. Brush the oil eyelids cosmetic facial or a nourishing cream. Perform massage the tip of the ring finger (he is the weakest in the hand and will not injure the delicate skin of eyelids), gently pressing on the eyelids, in the following order:

  • 10 circular movements (on the bone), starting from the outer corner of the eye to the inside on the lower eyelid and the inner to the outer - on the upper eyelid;
  • 3 pressing for 10 seconds on the inner corner of the eye;
  • 3 pressing for 10 seconds on the outer corner of the eye;
  • 3 pressing for 10 seconds on the area above the eyebrow in the middle;
  • 2 minutes of light pats eyelid skin from the nose to the temples on the lower eyelid and from the nose to the temples - on the upper eyelid.

Exercises against bags under the eyes

After the massage, doing special exercises, which have for various areas of the face: the area around the eyes, forehead, lips, cheekbones and chin. Against bags helps the next set of exercises.

  1. Closed her eyes, and then opened his eyes wide. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  2. Without turning his head, look left and right, up and down. Repeat 10 times.
  3. Close your eyes, relax, then abruptly opened them and blinked at a rapid pace.
  4. Closed eyes do some rotational movements, first left, then right.


Folk remedies against bags under the eyes

There are many ways to get rid of bags under the eyes in the home with the help of folk remedies from tea bags and cucumber to cosmetic ice.

Potatoes against bags under the eyes

A compress made from potatoes. Take a fresh potato and its sodium on a coarse grater. Put the pulp in several layers of cheesecloth. The main thing is not pressing, you want that kind of potato juice. Put potato compresses on the eyelids. Half an hour later, remove it and rinse your face with cool water. Traces of the bags should be gone. If you are in a hurry, you can just cut a potato in half and attach to the eyelids, try to sit with her at least 10 minutes.

Ogurets against bags under the eyes

Fresh cucumber - another ingredient to combatbags under the eyes. Get ogurets from the refrigerator, we shall cut a couple of circles and attach them to the eyelids. The main thing that ogurets was cold. Cold helps to relieve swelling, and water and minerals contained in cucumbers, provide maximum skin care.

Welding against bags under the eyes

Packs of tea leaves - one of the oldest andproven ways to eliminate the edema. Tea is not only useful against bags under the eyes, it also helps relieve fatigue and eliminate inflammation. Brew strong black or green tea, tea leaves in a couple obmokni Cotton disk, a little squeeze and attach them to the eyelids. Also you can use tea bags, squeeze them a bit and attach to each age 10-15 minutes.

Cosmetic ice from the bags under the eyes

Cosmetic ice. You can buy ready-made ice in a pharmacy or make yourself at home. To do this, use the decoction of herbs, aloe juice, parsley or cucumber. Use of these ingredients individually or combine them in any proportions convenient for you. When the ice hardens (prepare in advance several blocks), wrap a piece of ice and a bandage to attach to your tired eyelids. You can have a massage. To do this, take an ice cube and make a few circular motions from the temple to the nose on the lower eyelid, and from the nose to the temples - on the upper eyelid. Wash after such a procedure is not necessary, simply blot the face with a napkin.

Aloe leaves against the bags under the eyes

The leaves of aloe. If you have very sensitive skin that reacts to the cold, take aloe leaves, Cut them in half and attach to the eyelids for 10-15 minutes. You can also use a juice extractor or grater. The resulting slurry wrap in several layers of cheesecloth and attach to the eyelids.

Masks against bags under the eyes

In addition to the effect of lymphatic drainage, which can be achieved with the use of traditional methods, try to give more nutrition and hydration for the skin age. In this you will help domestic masks against the bags.

Coffee mask against the bags under the eyes

Coffee mask. Make coffee and take the rest of the thick (it should be slightly damp). Put it in a bowl, add 1 spoonful of olive oil and a bit of grated avocado. Mix all the ingredients and put them on a thin layer of gauze wrap. Put compresses on the eyelids. After 15 minutes, remove it and wash your face with clean water. Thanks to tannin and antioxidants in coffee, such a mask is quickly able to regain your vigor tired eyelids, and olive oil and avocado moisturize and nourish the skin with useful substances.

Honey mask against the bags under the eyes

Honey mask. This is the simplest, but at the same time, the multi-purpose mask. We need to take a little honey, softening it between fingers and apply on the eyelid skin. If you have time, it runs from the mask a little longer, a better hour. After you wash off the honey, you're very much surprised how soft and silky your skin will be.

The mask of green against the bags under the eyes

The mask of green. This is one of the most vysokovitaminnyh masks for eyelid skin. It helps not only to remove bags under the eyes, but also to saturate the skin with useful substances. Take a bunch of parsley, a little basil leaf aloe and chop it all in a blender - you should get a liquid slurry. Add one tablespoon of sour cream and mix thoroughly moved. Use of the bandage wrap in order to fix the mask on the eyelids.

Tips for eye care to prevent bags under the eyes

  1. Wash in cold water. Splashing water on your face and do not rub it. Thus thou shalt raise up the correct flow in the eyelids.
  2. Use for washing mineral water. Normal tap water contains chlorine, which is strongly dries the skin, as a result, it loses its elasticity, becomes thinner and formed bags under the eyes. Instead, you can use mineral water or ordinary micellar filtered.
  3. Do not go to bed without washing away makeup. This not only provokes the edema of the eyelids, but also leads to premature aging of the skin.
  4. Use milk. When the appearance of the need to bring in order quickly, moisten a cotton swab in milk and attach to the eyelids, wait 10 minutes and wash with clean water. Milk quickly restore the eyelid skin.
  5. Massage cold spoons - emergency methodrescue from under-eye bags and puffiness. While the wash, put two spoons in the freezer. Once they have cooled, apply them to the eyelids. Instant results achieved.
  6. Daytime sleep. Lie to the brain! If you were bags under his eyes in the middle of the day, just take a nap for 15 minutes. The brain will think that he stayed up all night and give the signal to update throughout your body, including the eyelids.
  7. Keep handy patches. If you do not have time to do a mask or use recipes of popular wisdom, the stock of packaging special patches. Attach them to the eyelids. After 15 minutes, you think posvezheet.
  8. Use concealer. If the bags under the eyes completely disappeared, take a little concealer and apply it on the eyelids (remember that the usual tone cream should not be applied on the eyelids).

Now you know a lot of ways on how to remove bags under the eyes at home. But first, to determine the cause of their appearance, and perhaps this problem will pass by itself.

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