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How to reduce the nose with makeup

Today we look at this question: how to reduce the nose with a light natural makeup. Not every woman has these simple, but such important skills. Therefore, we will tell you how to become even more beautiful.

Forget about plastic surgery face. One of the favorite methods used by Centerfolds to adjust face - contouring. Using this technique, make-up, you can quickly achieve a proportional face effect. For this we need two additional shade concealer, powder or foundation. Take the means by which you used to enjoy. To reduce the long and narrow little wide nose, it is important to choose one shade lighter, and the other darker your natural skin color.

How to visually reduce broad nose

  1. A small brush with a beveled edge apply a couple of lines of a dark powder on the sides of the nose and wings. Bear in mind that make up the border should be smooth, so well-Shade line.
  2. Powder of a light shade or highlighter pave the highlight in the middle. The width of the line do so, what you want to see your nose.
  3. Flick the brush vertically Shade highlight, lubricating border.


With the help of make-up can be visually smooth snub nose. Simply apply to the very tip of the nose darker shade of powder and blend well.

How to visually reduce the flat nose

  1. Darken the tip, sides of the nose and wings darker tone.
  2. Apply a light tone clearly highlight the center.
  3. Blend makeup brush border.


How to visually reduce the long nose

  1. Exactly line apply a highlighter on the center of the nose.
  2. Carefully obscuring the dark tone of the tip and wings.
  3. Gentle Shade line.


With the help of make-up can remove the hump, if it exists. Cover it with dark tones of powder, taking care of a smooth transition.

Top tips for makeup nose correction

  1. With the help of make-up drew attention to the rest of the face, but not too openly. Draw eyes, beautiful, adjust the shape of eyebrows and make visually larger lips.
  2. Reduce the long nose and smooth out the bump can also use the bangs.
  3. With a wide nose bangs on the contrary does not look. The maximum open face, make-up should always be fresh.
  4. Lines should not be too noticeable, they are always shaded.

As for makeup, then choose the one thatyou use a long time and which suits your skin type. You can experiment with makeup, but just sitting at home and not getting ready for a party. All funds must be of good quality, do not save on health and beauty. Follow our advice and you will easily skorrektiruesh shape of the nose, reduce it, or flatten the bump with a conventional make-up.

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