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How to quickly grow eyebrows

Sorry, girls, but we do not like to lie -to grow after years of plucking eyebrows week physically impossible. For 7 days did not have time nor stilled bulb "awake" or grow hair the desired length. But this does not mean that all is lost: the eyebrows grow fast and really at home, but it will take at least 1-2 months of patience and care.


But the result certainly will be noticeable: if you do not be lazy on a daily basis to carry out all necessary procedures at the expiration of the said period eyebrows become thicker, wider, bald after plucking overgrown areas. And in the process can be improved and the state of the eyelashes. If you are interested in such a transformation - most read articles.

The reasons for poor growth of eyebrows

To fight with the enemy was most effective, you need to know it in person. Trichologists called the 5 main reasons for the slow and weak growth of eyebrows.

  1. Heredity. If your father is inclined to baldness, mom can not boast chic hair, and you've never been the owner of chic hair, then thin and lifeless eyebrows due to genetic factors. They can be helped to become better, but it is practically impossible to bring the ideal state. Of course, if you do not make up your mind to transplant hair.
  2. Constant plucking. Tweezers can work wonders, and can spoil your eyebrows beyond recognition. It all depends on whose hands it falls.
  3. If a long time destroyed all that go beyond fashion "strings", do not hope to quickly restore damaged hair follicles.
  4. Tattoo. Although the network can find a lot of articles that tattooing eyebrows can transform girls with blond sparse eyebrows, the truth is not more than 1% of them. The fact that the promised beauty pleases you, only the first couple of months. Over time, the paint is washed away, becoming yellow-green. After the procedure, the hairs do not grow native and changing facial contours with age leads to the fact that painted eyebrows look out of place.
  5. Poor-quality cosmetics. They clog the pores and worsen the activity of the hair follicles, attenuate the hairs themselves. A similar effect can be expensive and natural cosmetics, if not wash it at night.
  6. Exposure to aggressive dyes. This problem is familiar to those girls who are addicted to the chemical paint eyebrows. From such pressure not only new hairs grow poorly, but may start to drop the old active. Therefore safer to use special lipsticks, shadows and pencils, which will help achieve the desired tones with minimal harm.


5 ways to stimulate eyebrow growth without additional resources

If you want to become the owner of chicHollywood eyebrows, have to work on several fronts. And the first thing to do - to make himself every day before going to bed to perform a set of five simple procedures.

  1. Proper removal of makeup. Try to use instead of the usual lotion natural olive or peach butter bones. Moisten a cotton ball in it and wash away makeup with eyebrows and eyelashes, but watch out, not to get oil in your eyes. This procedure not only get rid of the remnants of mascara and pencil, but also soften the hairs, to protect them from aggressive external environment. Oily residues can be removed with water and a mild cleanser.
  2. The washing up. For hydration and nutrition Use your usual balm - just apply it during shampooing not only on the hair, but also on the eyebrows.
  3. The use of scrub. After a shower, soft massage movements are processed eyebrows gentle exfoliating scrub on a natural basis. Such a procedure is good for bulbs stilled, cleans clogged pores of sebum and removes dead cells.
  4. Combing. Like the hair on the head, eyebrows like being gently comb in the direction of hair growth. For this is perfect as a special brush for eyebrows and regular brush applicator on the old carcasses. Get used to devote every day to comb the eyebrows only 2 minutes - and you will notice a couple of weeks that the hairs lie more smoothly, not bristle, made strong. And all thanks to improved circulation.
  5. Massage. Another 2 minutes before bedtime advise to spend on self-massage of the face and brow. You can alternate strokes, light pinching, rubbing, to activate blood circulation and metabolic processes in the upper layers of the skin.

Products that are "like" your eyebrows

Impacts from outside a little, if you want to receivethick eyebrows as quickly as possible. For the normal functioning of the body requires a quality and varied diet, rich in vitamins. If the last drink can be in tablet form, the proteins and unsaturated fatty acids can only be obtained from food.

Firstly, you have every day is white meat, dairy products, soy milk, eggs as a protein source.

Second, do not do without the carrot, beef liver, cottage cheese, fresh berries - contain vitamin A in these products, and E.


Third, instead of fast food, sweets and purchasedcarbonated beverages accustom yourself to homemade ice cream, cottage cheese baked and stewed fruit. Such a change would benefit not only the eyebrows, but also your figure.

Folk remedies that will help to grow eyebrows

  • Castor oil (best used during massage, as well as the mask applied to eyebrows bedtime).
  • Burdock oil (considered a natural activator of hair growth, helping to grow a lush eyebrows, even where they are not. It helps to "wake up" stilled follicles. Also suitable for massage).
  • Grape seed oil or peach oil (strengthens the hair, making it more silky, soft, can act as a nourishing mask and eyebrow and eyelash).
  • Oil from the seeds of black cumin (applied with a cotton swab on the brow line growth for the night, also very good nourishing and "animates" fine hairs).
  • Herbal teas (for the preparation of therapeuticbroth to pour 1.5 st. l. crushed chamomile, mint or Hypericum 200 ml of hot water, cover and let stand for half an hour. Broth drain the and allow to cool. Soaked in it a cotton swab is applied to the eyebrows for 30-40 minutes. Also, the broth can be used for washing, to avoid redness and peeling of the skin).

Fast but expensive: 5 Proven growth promoters

For those who are skeptical of the "grandmother"methods, a wide selection of Pharmacology serums, gels, creams, drops on the basis of the same oil (adding piece ingredients, vitamins and hormones) which are directed at improving the state of the eyebrows. In this review we present the five products whose manufacturers promise to restore damaged eyebrows in just 1 month.

Gel Talika Lipocils Eyelash

Gel Talika Lipocils Eyelash

Initially, this tool is designed torestore lashes after being expanded, but many ladies use it, and as an activator of the growth of eyebrows. One tube of 4.2 ml is designed for use during the month. Reviews confirm the words of the manufacturer: less hairs fall out, become thicker and longer. Many girls grow new dark hairs in the areas that the plucking for many years.

Oil for eyelashes and eyebrows Elma

Oil for eyelashes and eyebrows Elma

The composition of this medium include natural 4oils, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin complex. Whether oils are chosen in the right proportion, or absence of harmful preservatives and dyes gives its but noticeable effect of using much faster than from conventional castor oil. Eyebrows become thicker, darker hairs stop ridge in different directions, even in the morning.

Serum Almea Xlash Eyelash Serum

Serum Almea Xlash Eyelash Serum

LUXURY tool promises nutrition, hydrationand the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. But reviews are added - the hairs are strengthened, lengthened by 30-40%, better manifests the natural pigmentation, the appearance of eyebrows literally 3 weeks eliminates the use of pencils and shadows. The lack of odor and oily film makes use of serum nicer and easier.

Stimulant growth of eyelashes and eyebrows Careprost

Stimulant growth of eyelashes and eyebrows Careprost

That means one of the most popular in the world,therefore it is necessary to check the seller is very good, and the package itself to prevent forgery. But if you fall into the hands of the original, you can be sure: just a couple of weeks chic Indian eyebrows will turn from a dream into reality. Careprost improving cell regeneration and blood circulation, stimulates hair growth and feeds them to quickly return to normal eyebrows healthy.

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

If the name has caused an association with air conditioninghair - you're on the right track. Developers have created a truly unique and complex, promoting not only the growth of eyebrows, but also to protect them from the sun's rays, cosmetics and careless treatment. Within 20 days after the first application visible first results: the hair become more elastic, less than the fall, seem to be more moist and well groomed.

We reveal all the secrets, and now you justYou know how to quickly grow eyebrows at home. But the result depends on your patience and desire. Look like a model with a glossy cover can each girl - and you need only want to work on themselves.

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