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How to quickly get a nice tan on the beach?

Summer - time for vacations, tender sea and beautifulSun. However, strange as it may sound, but the sun does not know how to correct everything, so often on the coast can be found on the sun scorched people with red or skin hanging in tatters.

Zero aesthetics to others, and smoked up to it at least brings pleasure. Right on the beach sunbathing able units, although the rules are very simple.

Rules even tan

How to sunbathe on the beach?

To avoid sunburn and protect themselves from heat stroke enough to adhere to three rules:

Right to choose the place;

Choose a quality cream;

Strictly follow the time.

Quickly tan simple, most importantly, choose a convenient place for this. The safest tan you can get under cover. We all know,

that direct the sun's rays are dangerous to health.

They can cause the appearance of burns and skin cancers. Therefore, it is recommended to sunbathe under the umbrella or tent.

To tan went smoothly, and at the same time the skin is notdry up and has been protected from ultraviolet radiation, experts recommend the use of special sunscreens. Each tube has a marking which SPF - is the only protection against UV rays and the PPD - and protection and skin care.

The figures indicate the degree of protection. So, people with light complexion and children in the first few days it is recommended to take the cream with indicators not less than 40, swarthy enough to be 20.

Fleeing from burns

How can I quickly get a tan on the beach and not get sunburn? You just have to keep track of time. The safest and considered beautiful morning and evening tan.

Sunbathing recommend a sunrise to 10-11hours of the day and in the evening after 16:00, when the sun is gentle and tender. For even browning of the skin is enough only 2 hours a day on the beach is more than harm, even in the peak hours of sun activity.

Time of uninterrupted under the direct rays should not exceed:

  • For fair-skinned - 10-15 minutes;
  • People with average skin type - 30 minutes;
  • Swarthy - no more than 1 hour.

Vacationers who left in the more southern countries, shouldtake into account a lower location of the sun. For them, finding time on the beach should be reduced by almost half, from 12 to 15, in general, it is desirable to sit in a room or hotel lobby.

It is proved that a nice bronze color on the skin will be faster if the move constantly. Just playing volleyball or just walking along the beach, do not forget to wear a hat and cleanser.

Very good "sticks" tan in the water, so that the vehicle must be water-resistant, and the person you need to cover the cap. If you decide to go for a swim on the mattress, be careful, it is necessary to turn over more often than usual.

How best to sunbathe?

As will be better - to sunbathe nude or in a swimsuit? For health wise to swim and bask in the sun without clothes. This allows the body to regulate body temperature in a timely manner.

But as sunbathe on public beachesnaked we have not made, then at least you should use the special melting, rather than the usual shorts and underwear. Swim in a T-shirt, and, then, without removing lie in the sun, it is also a bad option.

Since most of the body remains closed, andthe fabric is wet, it dries out, the body can not properly regulate the heat exchange processes. As a result - heat stroke. By the way, in clothes too, you can sunbathe and burn, so sit in the sun in a shirt too dangerous.

Comply with all the rules and get a smooth bronzeskin tone can be sunbathing on the nudist beach. Just do not forget why you came there, and not with the eyes on people, there is not accepted. Behave naturally, feel free to anyone. In such places on nakedness do not pay attention.

Where and how to tan?

In general, whether to take a sunbath on the city or the nudist beach, everyone decides individually.

If you do not mind nudity, and a desire to becomethe owner even tan, without slips and triangles prevails over all other desires, feel free to go to the "wild." Just remember, time spent in the sun should be strictly limited, be sure to use a cream, cover from direct sunlight hair.

But those who are not willing to be naked in front of strangers, can easily take seats on mats under the eaves and sun loungers.

Observance of these rules will not only get the desired bronze skin tone, but also a pleasant holiday, without suffering from burns and sunstroke. Enjoy your holiday and even tan!

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