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How to prepare a sugar scrub?

That the skin was silky smooth behind it should beregular care. To do this, use a variety of creams and masks, but before they strike, it is necessary to clean the face and body of dead skin cells and dirt. Assist in the various scrubs. Worth a try to cook this money at home.

How useful sugar scrub?

Sugar scrub - a great tool forremove dead cells. If not regularly clean the skin, it will be constantly shelled, may form hardened areas in these places sometimes there is a feeling of dryness. Following the procedures of all this will disappear. Clear pores, color is equalized, the smoothness appear matte and fresh.

To make money, you can usevarious ingredients, typically taken as a basis for coffee, salt and sugar. What are the benefits last? Firstly, it is a natural product, which is in every kitchen. suit and a white cane and sugar beet for the manufacture of a scrub. Secondly, it does not cause allergies. Third, gently cleanses the skin and does not dry it.

This tool is perfect for face, lips and body. It can help you not only to get rid of dead skin cells, but also on cellulite and stretch marks.

With the proper conduct of the procedure, bloodflows to the face, accelerated regeneration, normalize metabolic processes in cells, in which more oxygen. It enhances skin tone and elasticity, it is smoothed and rejuvenated.

For the preparation of sugar scrubs are suitable:

  • Aromatic and vegetable oils;
  • Fresh juices;
  • Berries;
  • Honey;
  • Vitamins;
  • Medicinal herbs.

Virtually all of these ingredients are available andare inexpensive. When cooking is recommended to use only those ingredients that are suitable for a particular skin type and do not cause allergy. Naturally, the preferred natural constituents.

Recipes for dry skin

In the preparation of a sugar scrub at homeconditions must be remembered that all the ingredients are natural, so they are not stored for a long time. It is best to prepare a small amount of the mixture for peeling and keep it in the refrigerator.

For preparation and storage, it is desirable to take a non-metallic utensils:

  1. Sugar and butter. On one portion will need a full teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of oil, pumpkin suit, olive, castor, or apricot, some like more or which are in stock. The resulting mixture is applied to a clean face massaged 3-5 minutes and removed with warm water. The tool has a cleansing, moisturizing and emollient effects;
  2. If you replace the oil cream and add 1 tbsp. l. cream + egg yolk, you get a different scrub. Use it is possible not only for the person, but also for the body;
  3. Aromatic and gentle means for peelingIt happens when you mix 1 tbsp. l. sugar and olive oil. For flavor add a few drops of any essential oil or vanilla. For tenderness and nutrition - liquid vitamin E and coconut oil.

These scrubs are applied with light circularmovements. For the face is enough 5 minutes for the body 15, then wash or bathe. After the procedure, you must anoint the face and body nourishing and moisturizing cream.

Means for oily skin

The following recipe is sugar scrub propose to use for oily skin. It helps clean the face and body of oily sheen and narrow pores, and also give them a velvety and smooth.

To prepare a mixture of sugar and needdairy products, lean fit sour cream, yogurt or kefir. At 1 h. Spoon of sand will need 1 tablespoon of milk. Stir thoroughly and apply the mixture on your face or body. To massage 7 minutes, wash with warm water.

The following recipe will help get rid of shine andIt makes the skin a pleasant feel. Receiving means for mixing 5 g of sugar and 10 ml of fresh lemon juice, then added to 10 g of mashed potato thick. The resulting mixture was put on the face and fingertips do the massage. After 3 minutes wash with water.

You can prepare an excellent tool for peelingof brown sugar. To do this you will need 1 cup of vegetable oil and sugar, 50 g of honey and? cup shredded flakes from oats. The resulting slurry is used to clean a few times a week.

Recipes for everyone and everything

Universal sugar scrub is suitable for bodyfor all skin types. To 5 g of sugar is added a tablespoon of coconut (pulp) and low-fat sour cream. Inflicting on slurry body, her gently spread over the surface of the skin massaging movements. After 10 minutes, this massage can take a shower.

To give tone and increase elasticity to help blendvanilla (2-3 drops), green tea (dry tea leaves 1 tbsp. l.), olive oil (3 tbsp. l.) and sugar (1/2 cup). All ingredients are thoroughly mixed and the resulting mass is applied to the face. Massaged a bit, wash with water.

Sugar Lip Scrub made from 1 ch. L. sugar, 1 tbsp. l. corn oil and? h. l. honey or petroleum jelly. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients, the resulting mass is applied to the lips and gently massage with your fingertips. A few minutes later the remains clean, dry cloth and applied chapstick.

Summer Scrub will help cool the skin and protect againstUV. To cook it you need 50 grams of sugar, 1 chopped tomato, 2 tbsp. l. yogurt without additives. All components are thoroughly mixed and applied to the skin. Gentle massage for 10 minutes and can be washed off.

Buy or make your own?

Clear skin is possible with the help of tools,containing abrasive particles. Various cosmetic companies are engaged in their development and production. In principle, everyone can afford to buy this vehicle, but to guarantee its naturalness can a few.

Cooking homemade sugar scrub for the faceor the body takes a little time, but the man clearly knows what it's made. This will avoid allergic reactions and achieve precisely the result that you want to get!

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