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How to measure the percentage of body fat and get rid of it right

Subcutaneous fat - an integral part oforganism. Previously, he served as a backup source of energy, and also used for warming. However, modern humans impressive fat reserves to anything. But the wrong food habits and the same way of life leads to the accumulation of calories.

As a result, the person gets better. As a rule, the first suffered stomach. Many obesity begins with this zone. This phenomenon suggests that we need to get rid of the extra kilos and adjust their habits.

How do you know the percentage of excess body fat

It is worth noting that there is no universal formula, lets you know how many kilos you want to reset. Proper weight loss should begin with a comparison of the amount of fat to total weight.

The resulting figure shows how much of the total weight of the fatty tissue. Having this number, you can easily evaluate your level of obesity.

The normal percentage of fat in the human

Common index does not exist, so how importantsex and age of the person. But we can say about the minimum rates: 2-5% in men 10-13% in women. If the figures below, the body's metabolism slows down, stops testosterone (in men), stop getting their periods (in women).

In men with athletic 6-13% fat. If the figure reached 17%, a man in good shape, but has problem areas; at 25% - average fitness. Exceeding last digit begins obesity.

Women athletic up to 20% fat. In good shape abide those who have 24%. If the figure has reached 31%, it means there are problem areas. Above 32% - obesity.

We calculate the percentage of excess

There are several methods. The first is to use a special device, which passes a small current through the body. The speed of the signal depends on the thickness of the fat layer, that is what it is, the weaker is the signal.

The second method is an indirect - carriedmeasurement of skin folds with an instrument similar to a caliper, which is called the caliper (klipometr). The result obtained is compared with a special table.

The first method is less accurate becauseon readings affects the amount of water in the body, eaten the food before the measurement, body temperature and many other factors. Very often the results are different from real ones.

Klipometr (caliper) to measure body fatIt has a more precise data, because in most cases, the thickness of the fat folds proportional to the amount of excess in the body.

The measurement process

Man becomes straight, he finds a point 10 cm from the navel to the right horizontally, there zaschipyvaem skin and measures the thickness of a conventional caliper or caliper.

The resulting figure is in millimeters, and the age, is associated with a special table.

How to remove subcutaneous fat

First you need to decide how fast you need to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass. Various catabolic diets are contraindicated, as they are ineffective.

The achieved results can only bevaried and balanced diet and regular physical activity. Therefore, you need to adjust your diet and training regime set. From food and activity depends on the way out the subcutaneous fat on the abdomen.

When both of the above rules are met,one can expect a loss in weight from 0.5 to 1.5 kg per week. Such indicators are normal for weight loss. Proper weight loss, i.e. without affecting the body, not a short process.

If the body gets rid of morekilogram, it is quite possible that it takes muscle mass, not fat unfortunate. Then, after the completion of weight loss will be very difficult to regain lost muscle tissue, especially if the person is not engaged in exercises with weight (dumbbell, barbell). Therefore, you should never rush. After 3 months, you will see good results.

Begin to lose weight you need to correct. It is recommended to go to the gym, where a qualified trainer will select the best exercises. Classes at home are also possible, but you need to find a good program, where there is no repetition, and monitor the implementation of the exercises.

Agree, it's hard for people who do notfaced with simulators. A visit to the gym is the best option. Moreover, there does not need to walk more than 3 times per week. The rest of the time you can do at home.

During training shall be employedlarge muscle masses. This will have a strong tonic effect on the entire body, and will promote the burning of fat cells. This weight loss will continue for some time after training. Thus, you can not only start the process of removing extra padding, but also to get rid of muscle atrophy, physical inactivity.

In the days, free access to gym, you need toto resort to the exercise of aerobic character. You can do veloezdoy, brisk walking, jogging, swimming. A good alternative is the fitness. Pay attention only need to ensure that aerobic exercise combined well with the gym.

Ideal - engaged in fitness(Aerobic exercise), immediately after the power exercises for 15-30 minutes. Thus, the maximum effect can be obtained. However, such measures may lead to an overload of the body and psyche. So that moderate, regular work on yourself, accompanied by a good mood, it will be much better over-eagerness.

Fat-burning workout in the gym twice -three times a week will not take much time, but will have a noticeable effect. To support the process of losing weight, you can use ordinary walking. They should last for at least 20 minutes and take place at least 4 times a week. The walk should be relaxed, but accompanied by walking at an average pace. This simple measure will continue to lose weight in the prescribed rhythm.

How to get rid of body fat through diet

Physical activity does not bring results,if you continue to eat properly. It is necessary to radically revise your diet. confectionery and refined products, bakery products, pasta, fried potatoes are excluded from the menu.

Preference is given to foods rich in protein: chicken, fish, lean meat, cottage cheese, milk, legumes and nuts. The source of complex carbohydrates is oatmeal. They are trained on the water and drink in small portions. Thus it is necessary to limit the consumption of fruits and berries, preferring vegetables.

Food for a balanced diet, burning body fat:

  • Low-fat dairy - yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt, whey;
  • Ginger. It consumes a drink based on it, and it is added as a seasoning for dishes;
  • Cabbage (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli);
  • Cucumbers (in season) have a diuretic effect;
  • Cinnamon. It is added to tea, coffee, yogurt. Mix with honey;
  • Grapefruit. Eat it with bitter internal membranes, since it is they contain the most vitamin C and flavonoidanaringina;
  • Green tea. Drink 3 cups a day;
  • Water - at least 500 ml per day;
  • Raspberries. These berries contain enzymes that break down fat cells;
  • Mustard stimulates the production of gastric juice, helps the digestive system;
  • Oranges. Citrus well satisfy hunger and are a valuable source of ascorbic acid;
  • Almonds are well saturated, so perfect for snacking;
  • Horseradish. It contains enzymes that promote weight-loss. It is added to the fish and meat dishes;
  • Beans - a source of protein. It is used in salads or as a side dish;
  • Pineapples reduce hunger and improve digestion;
  • Qualitative red wine in an amount of 50 ml per day;
  • Apples / pears suitable as a snack (3 pieces per day.)
  • Oatmeal is well nourishes and energizes.

By changing your diet, becoming physically active, you can lose weight without exhausting diets.

At the same time the body gets all the necessarysubstance is neither exhausted nor overloaded. Well-chosen training program is not exhausted, but on the contrary, will lead the body in tone. Stick to these rules and lose weight with pleasure!

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