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How to make your own tattoo?

Tattoo? it is a way of man's inner state of expression by drawing pictures and patterns to different parts of the body. Drawing tattoo? this is a very serious step, because the picture remains on the body for life. That is what leads many people to refrain from this method of self-expression.

Modern equipment and allow the paintto apply a temporary tattoo that is over a certain period of time completely disappears without any trace. Applying a tattoo does not require specific skills and knowledge, so it can easily be done even at home.

Types of temporary tattoo

Before you make the original temporary tattoo at home, you need to decide the type of materials used and the method of their application:

Transfer pictures. For the application of the special drawings stencils used. Wet the pad, you can make a "perevodku" anywhere on the body, which will last a few days;

Biotattoo. In this case, the ink is not only, but with glitter and sequins, are glued along the contour of the pattern. "Living" such ornaments all couple of days, so they did not enjoy much success;

Henna tattoo. This type of tattoo is considered one of the mostsafe, because as a natural henna dye is used that does not contain any chemicals. Earlier designs made with henna, used only in religious ceremonies. But today they can be found almost everywhere;

Airbrushing. Ornament or picture is applied viaairbrush, seasoned with red. On the face of this device is similar to a gun. This type of tattoo is very similar to body art, so you can enjoy the beautiful pattern is no longer than one week.

Flash tattoo

How can I make flash tattoo at home? Putting drawings done without any specific tools, so anyone can do it yourself. It looks flash tattoo is not as other types of tattoos.

Firstly, the figures always turn a silvery or golden hue. Secondly, they are often used as an alternative to the usual jewelry: chains, rings and bracelets.

Ready flash stickers can be purchased at specialty stores, after which they will be applied to the body:

  • Clean the area of ​​skin where the tattoo will be done;
  • Remove the transparent layer with stickers;
  • Place the pattern face down on the right part of the body;
  • Using a conventional sponge, dampen the sticker with water and strongly press;
  • Half a minute later, carefully remove the debris.

As you can see, the application pattern process takes no more than five minutes, and then you can show others the beautiful and imaginative designs that look best on tanned dark skin.

needle Tattoo

How to make a tattoo needle usual home? In fact, this method is hardly suitable for people who do not have special artistic skill.

Use stencils in this case will be very problematic, and a temporary pattern is certainly not name.

Patterns inflicted needle, can be seen in the hands of the elderly, who in his youth "antiquated" method applied to the patterns on their bodies.

You need to have to apply tattoos:

  • conventional needle;
  • thread;
  • ink.

Application process:

  • Take the needle and carefully disinfect it with alcohol;
  • wrap the needle and thread;
  • Macau needle into the paint and apply pattern.

In this case, the thread acts as a sponge,which absorbs ink. During the puncture, the needle is more compressed in the hand, causing the ink to flow through the metal rod. As a result, the paint falls directly under the skin.

Before you make a permanent tattoo at home, think twice, because this pattern is simply do not wash off or rub off. For its elimination will have to turn to a professional.

henna Tattoo

How to make normal henna tattoo at home? This method is somewhat more complicated the previous one, but you can learn it if you wish. Especially that such figures are kept on the body is not more than a few weeks. Make an original pattern can be almost anywhere in the body: shoulders, arms, ankles, neck, abdomen, and back.


Before you apply a pattern, should:

  • Clean and degrease the desired area of ​​the skin. For this purpose, body scrubs and ordinary rubbing alcohol;
  • If there are hairs on the skin, it is desirable to remove them;
  • Make a solution of henna. To this dilute paint dry in water in a ratio of 1: 4, and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil;
  • Then apply the desired pattern. If you can not draw, use the special stencils;
  • As a tool for the application of paint, you will need a conventional syringe without a needle, toothpick and thin brush;
  • Because henna tends to be absorbed very quickly, if not properly applied immediately remove the paint with a cotton disk;
  • To fix the result, use an ordinary hair spray.

How is the machine for tattoo

If you intend to put on a quality patternhis body, not necessarily to buy expensive equipment in the store. Make a special machine for tattooing can even house from scrap materials.

This will require:

metal clip from clerical pens;

thin string guitar;

motor cars from the child, or an old cassette audio player;

gel pen;

Power Supply;

the wire.

How to make a special tattoo machine at home?

Fashioned typewriter home "tattoo needlework"It can be within 20 minutes, but before you use it, be sure to adjust the tension of the strings. It is also advisable to use a power supply unit, which has the ability to power regulation. This will at the right time to reduce or increase the speed of a homemade tattoo machine.

Provisional figures on the body or non-binding,so many young men and women applied them to his work. Beautiful design allows to stand out in the crowd and attract attention. Often time doing drawings as a "rehearsal" before applying permanent tattoos.

But do not forget that tattoo? this fashion trend that may eventually pass, but the constant pattern will always be with you.

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