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How to make the perfect eyebrows

Eyebrows - a very strong line on the face - it directs makeup. They can not only raise my eyes, and even reduce the spout. Because of the eyebrows can be significantly adjusted oval face.

Eyebrows face the main focus

All make-up artists say that the main emphasis eyebrows -it is the necessary framework that holds the face. However, not all women with due attention to treat their eyebrows: they are either overly emphasize them or, on the contrary, simply ignore. How to emphasize the natural beauty or, conversely, hide flaws.

How to make a beautiful eyebrows

The first step is to calculate the idealthe length and width of your eyebrows. If you decide to do it at home without going to a beauty salon, the sequence of actions should be as follows. Take a ruler or a pencil and draw a line between the wings of the nose and the inner corner of your eye. Continue the line: at this point, and should start your eyebrow.


Then move the pencil line or to the outer edge of the eye and fix point: at this point of your brow should end.
Once you have given the desired shape eyebrows,proceed to the next step. Now you need to choose the right color. The rules are: brunettes suitable shades of one tone lighter hair color, blondes but, on the contrary, it is necessary to choose the means to darker tone. Those who have the light and dark blonde hair, fit the color tone on tone hair.
Finally, the third step - choose the right just for you means eyebrow. From tattoo, we still advise you to give up. But the range of make-up - means today is quite wide.
The quickest way to give the required color eyebrows - a pencil. But you need to choose the ones that are created for the eyebrows.
On the one hand there is actually a pencil, on the other - a special brush to draw the perfect eyebrows.

To use a pencil, it requires some skill - otherwise, one wrong move, and eyebrows need to paint again.
Several more convenient to use mascara for the eyebrows. After all, it gives color and shape in just one movement.


Ink for the eyebrows is easy to apply thanks to a special brush, which gives the brows a natural rich color and is not washed off during the day.
For makeup eyebrow suitable shade or mosaic eyebrow. Shadow eyebrows have a creamy consistency that allows them to apply quickly and easily.


Hold the shade all day so that the experience is not necessary, but it is better to fix the transparent gel for eyebrow.

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