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How to make nails for Christmas and New Year

Festive decoration of nails requires a specialattention, so choosing a manicure for the New Year, not only follow trends, but also the traditions of the holiday. Competent design tells about your preferences and character, as well as complement your Christmas bright image.

Classic New Year's manicure

It remains at the peak of popularity. In the New Year's manicure welcome deep blue, purple, and red and white.

It is better to give preference to high-gloss lacquers. It may be the effect of metallic paints or similar in color to the precious stones such as sapphire, amethyst. Nails in this version is suitable for any outfit would look very nice. Classic plain nails can be combined with sequins. In the New Year's Eve will be smart to look nails with glitter or gold or silver pattern.



Christmas and New Year pictures on nails

New Year's Eve - a good excuse to create a bright,extraordinary way. Related activities manicure only emphasize your individuality. In the New Year's nail-art in 2017 welcomed themed drawings. It may be Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, candy and caramel curls. Manicure can be the traditional "striped" in a combination of white, green and red colors. As a New Year picture on the nails, you can choose reindeer, snowflakes and Santa Clauses and Snow Maiden. Suitable absolutely all that enough of your imagination and fantasy.

If you work at home, instead ofvarnish can use regular acrylic paints. Nails covered base / transparent basis, and then make a drawing. Secure the art manicure with varnish and go on holiday.




Hologram and lace new trends in nail design

Create a flawless manicure on New Year's Eve can beusing a hologram lacquer. It is also becoming increasingly popular lace patterns on the nails. To make such a manicure, apply a foundation of contrasting color. If the pattern is black, as the fabric select red, beige or white color. Top coat lacquer transparent layer and glue the blank of lace. If you plan to wear nail polish last longer than one night, then secure it with another layer of clearcoat. Lace overlay prepared in advance so that they conform to the shape of the nail, the overall image.


French manicure

French manicure - and rather stylishpopular technique. The nails in the traditional performance look appropriate in everyday life and on holiday. To keep your manicure did not seem too boring, experiment in the New Year's Eve. Start with the colors of the game. Let your French manicure appear red, blue, green or black color. Between themselves, they can also be combined. New Year's manicure love shine and luster. Not superfluous will glitter, shiny varnish or laconic golden stripe. If you want to stand out, you can use a special metal foil. This design will be exactly look like the original!


Moon manicure

Moon manicure - a great alternativeFrench. Contrasting colors emit no tip, and the so-called nail hole. Otherwise, everything is done according to the standards. This manicure will look soft and stylish. The main thing is to stick to the golden mean and not to overdo it with glitter and other bright elements.



How to care for the nails

Manicure always requires care. During the holidays a lot of time dedicated to cooking and cleaning, so the nails may lose color, and some break. We suggest you use the blitz tips to your nails always look healthy and well-groomed:

time to remove burrs and cuticle

frequently lubricate the hand cream to the nail plate and the skin around them has always been moistened

do not forget to do baths for hands

Take on the shelf for cosmetics place to oils, grease them nails

if the nails were white furrows, revise nutrition

before applying nail polish, hold the vial in his hands to warm it up

Do not use nail polish expired

not to stain the nail completely, leave the edges of the strip without color

choose the elegant shape of the nail. The most optimal in the new year - a short oval.

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