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How to make a beautiful selfie

There is an opinion that we are using selfieWe measure their lives in visual images. And this feature has its own interest. Look here, often all we do pictures of herself for just such a reason: the opportunity for self-expression - each individual picture; I'm a fake - it means that we are now going to play a different role, an image that has not seen friends;


I exist - pictures - this is a way to show all of you. As you can see, in the selfie there is nothing wrong, as long as photography itself is not passed into morbid narcissism.
And now let's try to deal with the fact how well and successfully make selfie.


Beautiful selfie - Top 7 Tips

1. The very first rule - good lighting. Best of all, if it is natural light, but it does not matter if you have to use artificial light. The main thing is to do it right.

2. Pay attention to the background. You must understand that your camera lens will get not only your sweet attractive face, but all that surrounds you. Therefore, try to choose a decent background.

3. Find the perfect pose. You should understand that the skill comes only with experience. So try their photographs in different poses and different angles. Believe me, you will soon find the most correct and best position for themselves.

4. Sense of humor. Serious selfie - a failure selfie. So cultivate the ability to laugh at themselves and be always in a good mood.

5. Never shoot from below. It is better to hold your camera above your head, but never photographing themselves from the bottom - you will receive a very bad pictures.

6. Watch your hands. Selfies should look nice: no hands and fingers on your image should not be visible.

7.Polzuysya different applications or photo editors. Various effects, signatures, filters help you to make high-quality photos.

Original ideas for selfie

For a long time no one should be surprised a typical imageagainst the background of another attractions. To make the original Self, should choose an interesting, unusual camera angle or lighting. Instead bored photos of the city in the sun sunset, you can go for a morning walk, taking with him a favorite gadget. In the early morning light and a very different angle to look even a little different selfie is very fresh and tender. If on the street, at the mall or some event lucky to meet a celebrity - you should definitely ask for a joint photo. Most people see this as recognition and fame, so it is hardly refuse. Another win-win situation - a photo with the animals.


Make selfie can be pets, ponypark, dolphins in the Dolphinarium. Here are just at the zoo usually spoil the photo array. It may also be difficult to picture sharpness, as many animals are not very assiduous. You will need to work hard to catch the right moment. Make a good selfie possible and in extreme situations. It is important to remember Security! For example, you can attach the camera to a helmet when jumping with a parachute descent by cable car or riding a roller coaster.


Yes, now occupy a significant social networksplace in people's lives. So why not learn to do high quality selfie and share it with your friends? Agree? Then forward to train and collect huskies!

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