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How to improve vision in their own short-sightedness

To improve vision through training aloneIt may still not be. They have a preventive effect, prevent fatigue, compensate the minimum defects. But at the initial stage of myopia need to practice them.

Prevention of eye diseases

Traditional medicine can provide a lot oftime-tested recipes to improve vision at home. Myopia is no exception, and its successful prevention is carried out, in particular, and the consumption of products, especially for the rich of useful elements.

Thus, the forest blueberries are extremely richcondensed tannins elements. They are only useful to use fresh or frozen. Also, to improve the vision in myopia at an early stage will help foods such as pumpkin seeds, fresh bell peppers, carrots.

Medical therapy for myopia

In order to pick up an effective methodtreatment, it is necessary to know what is a disease. Speaking scientifically, myopia or refractive error - a problem that is formed in violation of the eye lens structure. The refraction of light rays in them going wrong, so long distance the image looks blurry.


Home therapy to improve vision - to giveRest your eyes. If your work is related to the work on the computer, reading or working papers, the best way to rest - just observe the vast panorama. Suffice it to take breaks between cases every hour for five minutes to spend on an overview of the surrounding area of ​​the window. At the same time most effective therapy is effective if you look alternately they focus on distant and close objects.

If the vision has deteriorated, it is important not to givedevelop further. You can buy in a pharmacy special remedial reading glasses, which are inserted in place of the lens plate with holes in the form of a grid, and you can practice with one of the following exercises.

Exercises to improve vision

  1. Massage the eyelids with your fingers for five minutes, parallel rotating eyeballs;
  2. Pulling out his hand, and then to focus the gaze on the tip of the index finger, and then slowly bring it to the eyes;
  3. Within a few minutes to blink at a fast pace, not focused look on a specific subject;
  4. See on the subject, located a few feet from his face, alternately covering one of her eyes (eye itself remains open).

To improve and correct vision in myopiaat the initial stage it is quite simple, at the same time it is a very effective procedure. Do not underestimate her, as she is able to keep you from expensive surgery.

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