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How to improve vision at home and whether it is possible

The first thing that makes a man feeling the seriouschallenges - running to the doctor. Only here it hopes that from a couple of dozen shots or drops eyesight will return again quickly dispelled on dry formulation - is scheduled to wear glasses. Moreover, such an option in a time often leads to even more problems with his vision, which is to restore in the future becomes much more difficult, especially in the home.

To improve vision, should be fullyremove all irritants to the eyes. But who really can not refuse from your computer or on your TV? The next decisive step can be laser correction. There are the "pitfalls" in the form of side effects, and to such a radical solution solved only a few.

How to restore sight in the home

  • Gymnastics for the eyes with myopia - One of the best techniques that recognizeEven well-known doctors from around the world. To do this, using your hands need to hold a small set of exercises to relieve eye fatigue. These simple exercises can actually improve eyesight just is not leaving the house.


  • Honey mask. This is a rather unusual way to improve visionhome. To do this, every night before going to sleep on the eyelid, apply a thin layer of honey (only one at a time and rotate them). Then, so as not to stain the sheets, cover with lid piece of cloth and leave overnight. Do not forget to take honey inside. The main condition - the honey must be natural (better not be stingy and take quality).
  • bilberry - A storehouse of eye health. Even those who are just beginning vision problems, it is recommended periodically to take berries. Ideal - fresh, in extreme cases - dried. Not always possible to buy berries, especially in winter. Their alternative - pills "Bilberry Forte ', which are in every pharmacy. They are not a panacea for the improvement and rehabilitation of eyesight, but only to help in the home to relieve fatigue, stimulate the eye.
  • Proper nutrition - The foundation of health and good vision, whichshall include any type of fish, liver, fresh milk, vegetables and herbs - carrots, celery, parsley. To improve vision enough daily use one of the following types of products. Carrots are better to use in the form of fresh juice with the addition of vegetable oil. Thanks fats carotene is converted into a useful for the body - vitamin A.

Therefore, even at the first sign of deteriorationview it is necessary to take urgent measures to recover it. It is necessary to try to limit to a minimum stay at the computer and watching TV, do not forget to do exercises for the eyes, as well as eat healthy foods. Agree that such a simple set of recommendations on how to improve and restore sight in their own home, much better than wearing glasses or passage of laser correction.

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