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How to grow a beard correctly: 8 tips

Why not grow a beard? Today, shaving is the norm and therefore excludes the growth of hair on the face. Sometimes men need a little courage to radically change their image. Of course, simply growing a beard is not enough, you need to learn how to properly care for it.

How to grow a beard correctly - the first steps

Start a hard process of growing a beardWe advise during the holidays. You will be more relaxed while away from your work and people. Often, many men abandon their venture halfway, hearing the unkind reaction of their colleagues. Try not to shave at all, even for the first four weeks of hair growth.


How to grow a beard correctly

How to grow a beard correctly is a common mistake

The most common mistake is to tryStart forming a beard too soon. Even if you are only planning to grow a small beard, you must let it grow for the first four weeks. Many men at this stage cut off more than they really want.

How to grow a beard correctly - beard formation

After four weeks, you can begin to form a beard. As a rule, many men want to determine the "neck line" along the lower part of the beard.


How to grow a beard correctly

This is best done usingA professional hairdresser or stylist. The "cheek line", the upper edge of the beard on the cheeks, is best left natural. If you plan to start a beard just below the eyes, cheeks should also not be touched.

How to properly grow a beard - do not let the itching restrain you!

If you experience itching on your face, tryDaily, keep your skin clean with shampoo and conditioner. She will eventually be able to adapt to the new situation. Itching can be a temporary phenomenon, and rapid relief can bring the use of baby oil or moisturizing lotion.


How to grow a beard correctly

Balms with shea butter or beeswax also favorably influence hair growth, providing them with moisture and protecting from wind damage and dangerous sun rays.

How to grow a beard correctly - set a goal

Do not give up halfway! Set the target date. For example, give yourself at least six weeks of hair growth before giving up your efforts. When you reach the date six weeks, you can decide whether you want to be a bear or get rid of it.


How to grow a beard correctly

How to maintain the beauty of your beard

1. Buy a beard trimmer and consult how to use it.

2. Dry hair with a soft towel.

3. If you decide to get rid of a new beard, the easiest way is to use a special trimmer or hair clipper.


How to grow a beard correctly

How to grow a beard correctly - using a comb

Do not forget that the beard looks neat,When it is systematically combed. On sale there are round, short, long combs, which are specially designed to care for the beard. Crests can be released from metal, plastic, wood or even bone and have wide or thin teeth.


How to grow a beard correctly

For a long beard, always choose ridges withWide teeth, and for small beards - with small teeth to help shape and preserve the hair on the face. The comb is also used when applying oil or balm to the hair.


How to grow a beard correctly

How to grow a beard correctly - soap, shampoo, conditioner

Beware of detergents containing parabensAnd sulphides, which are present in hair shampoos. Many men prefer to take care of a beard with soap. You can try both and see what works best for you. However, remember that the skin under the beard is much more sensitive than on the head, so the organic components should soothe it, rather than irritate it.


How to grow a beard correctly

It is not easy to grow a beautiful beard, becauseIt directly depends on how well you are concerned about the hair on your face. Following these tips, you will eventually become the owner of a prestigious and courageous image.

Good luck!

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