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How to get rid of pigmentation - lightening cream

Whitening Cream - a real panaceafor those who suffer from freckles and pigmentation on the skin formation. Especially urgent this problem is with the arrival of spring - increased solar activity and, in turn, provokes a rapid synthesize the hormone melanin in the skin, which is the source of ugly skin pigmentation. Of course, light golden freckles more added spice to the overall appearance, but on the skin pigmentation gives a lot of trouble. Save the skin of this trouble can be timely application of a special cream with whitening properties.


How to choose the best whitening cream

Good bleaching cream to work in three directions:

Reduce the process of synthesizing melanin. To do this, the cream should be hung content humectants, as dermis lacking moisture, pigment particles are produced with high speed.

Effectively removes dead skin particles,allowing the skin to breathe and retain natural moisture. Whitening cream should provide and regenerative effects, causing skin cells to recover faster.
Brightens the skin, removing dead skin layers from it. Clarified skin looks fresher and younger.


Whitening Cream - how to use

Whitening Cream - a means of daily care,affects a certain kind of skin lightening. For becoming brighter and more sensitive to the action of the cream ingredients the skin, so use a bleaching cream should be able to:


it is not necessary to apply the cream just before going into the fresh air, whitening cream is best to use as a means to care for the night;
together with the whitening cream is required to use additional funds from the sunscreen;

Cream should be used courses, approximately 3-3.5 weeks.

Qualitatively skin lightening cream should not be toxic components - abutina, kojic acid. These substances are also powerful allergens that can cause skin irritation.

For skin whitening ingredients which need

Hydroquinone - the substance has actuallypowerful lightening effect and is often used in cosmetics, but to use a cream with this ingredient should be as little as possible - it is not without toxicity, and can damage the skin.
Ascorbic acid - is known to allthe substance has a powerful effect on the inhibition of the process of formulating the ink hormone - melanin. Ascorbic acid is also an excellent effect on the capillaries, making them stronger, making disappear redness and spider veins;
Vitamin E - a frequent component of bleaching creams, skin it is useful in many ways, including for skin moisture saturation.
To enhance the regenerative skin cell functions in lightening cream must necessarily include panthenol.


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