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How to get rid of bad breath means available

But often bad breath (halitosis) is causedother, more serious problems. Pay attention to your language, it is no wonder his doctors called a "mirror of the stomach": thick white or yellow plaque indicates the disruption of the digestive system and can be a source of bad breath.

5 main causes of bad breath and how to troubleshoot

  1. The hygienic condition of the oral cavity. Very often this causesbad breath. Namely - products from the bacteria that live on teeth and in the folds of the mucosa of the mouth. As a result of improper hygiene bacteria begin to accumulate in large quantities.
  2. Diseases of the oral mucosa or teeth (Periodontitis, periodontitis, stomatitis, gingivitis,caries). To get rid of the problem, you need to visit a dentist or other specialized professionals who will determine what it is connected bad breath.
  3. Diseases of internal organs. Halitosis can occur in chronicinflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract, kidney and liver (acetone odor) failure, diabetic ketoacidosis (sweet smell). In order to get rid of bad breath, should be examined by a doctor.
  4. The dryness of the oral mucosa It could also trigger the appearance of stalebreathing. This usually occurs in the morning, because the body during sleep produces less saliva and mouth "dry", especially if you sleep with your mouth open. If dry mouth is accompanied by constant, then the easiest way to activate the secretion of saliva -. This is something to chew (mint tablets, chewing gums, mints body perceives this as a signal of a meal, and there is an increase in saliva, but is convinced that in. these products do not have sugar, which promotes the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay.
  5. odontolithWhich contains microorganisms that cause gingivitis and bad smell. In this case, you need professional cleaning.


How to get rid of the smell by using home remedies

Of the available funds, which help to makefresh breath - is a mouth rinse infusion of fresh dill. Onion or garlic smell will disappear if odorous vegetables seize celery or parsley. Good refreshing freshly brewed strong tea.

Get rid of the odor caused by the diseaseoral rinse can decoctions and infusions of herbs. For this purpose, fit chamomile, sage, calendula, St. John's wort, peppermint. Grass or a mixture of several kinds of need to make per 1 tbsp. spoon cup boiling water and let it brew. For a half a cup is enough rinse infusion. The procedure is best done after meals and brushing teeth.

How to treat oral

Unfortunately, not all properly brush their teeth: you need a minimum of 2-3 minutes in all directions go brush with paste on the teeth in the morning and evening every day, and after eating, rinse your mouth with warm water. It is important to clean the surface of the tongue and, where a large number of harmful bacteria present. For this purpose, you can choose as an ordinary brush, and special - to clean the tongue. Only a thorough oral care, will help get rid of the odor.

Toothpastes containing medicinal extractsherbs, reduce inflammation of the oral mucosa and make breath fresh. It helps kill bacteria paste containing antibacterial substances such as cetylpyridinium chloride. Also, get rid of the bad smell will help rinse liquid, if used along with regular brushing of the teeth and tongue.

It should be remembered that the use of air fresheners andChewing gum does not eliminate the cause of the odor. Prevention is a thorough oral care and timely treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or other organs.

In any case, if you started to botherunpleasant smell, and even the proper oral care did not help get rid of the problem, you should definitely see a doctor. Only a specialist can determine the cause of the problem and make recommendations.

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