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How to perform a self-massage

Perform self-massage of the body, helpimprove health, enhance blood circulation, improve health. Self-massage is done in your spare time, do not hurry, good stretching all parts of the body on the massage lines.

Where to start - the scheme:








In this manner we do body massage, focusing on the joints. Prepare the cream or massage oil.

To perform massaging can apply anti-cellulite products in the hips. Thus, we begin.

To perform a foot massage by foot mashstroking and rubbing. Now sit down comfortably and grasp the foot with both hands. Large fingers put on the upper part of the foot. Perform self-massage in a circular motion from the ankle to the toes, and in reverse order. Next, rub the soles with his fist. Bend and straighten your fingers one by one.

Go to the shin. Sit down and bend your knees. Grasp shin with both hands - one hand, place the front, the other behind. Rub your legs up and down. Now place the thumbs on the front side, the back rest and massage in a circular motion from the knee to the bottom and back. Remember caviar.

Massage lines on the thighs

Massage the thighs of cellulite is done bylongitudinal and transverse kneading. Sit on the floor, bend your knees. Stroke hips - interior and exterior. Make rubbing in a circular motion lengthwise and crosswise. Try to grab the fold and press them. Hip crease as much as possible, but do not overdo it.

Finish stroking a bottom-up process,before reaching the groin. Massage the body lines of cellulite using the cans. Vacuum massage corrects figure eliminates stretch marks and improves the elasticity of the tissues.

The next go brush. Start by stroking from fingertips to forearm. Massaging produced palm and fingers of the second hand. Now rub the pad of the thumb palm in a circular motion, each finger separately - pads. Then the wrist joint and the back side.

Now massaging forearms and elbows.

Continue massaging motion on the chest.

Stroking produced from the solar plexus and sideways. Hand on the treated parts keep loose, drooping down. Rub slowly slowly.

Go to the stomach. Lie down comfortably on a hard surface. Begin with light strokes. Then, make a circular motion clockwise. First, a little by pressure, then gradually intensify. Now her fingers gently wrinkle the skin of the abdomen.

To strengthen the abdominal muscles roll the hula-hoop and do the swing press.

And the last do a head massage. It can not perform at a hypertension and purulent inflammation of the skin. Purpose - improving blood circulation and nutrition of the skin cells. Affect not more than 15 minutes.


  • free from the neck collars and shoulder cape coat;
  • lubricate the skin of the neck and head with a cotton swab moistened with an alcohol solution or vodka;
  • If long hair rub vodka into the skin with your fingers;
  • dry hair before applying alcohol treat cosmetic oils - olive, burdock, almond, if desired.

Thumb and forefinger of both hands make massaging lines brow, the action is performed on the bridge, following the temples. Make up to 10 of these movements.

Now place the fingertips on the temples and gently massage the skin in circular motions.

Go to the scalp. Palchikov shifts the hair and massaging your head in a circular motion.

Finish the massage techniques, we put onhead a plastic bag or a rubber cap. Oil, wrought before, saturate the hair is missing in vitamins and moisture, and alcohol based strengthen growth. An hour later, rinse hair with hot water using shampoo.

Better yet, take a contrast shower. Dry the body with a towel and put on the surface of the skin softening cream or baby oil. In the area of ​​the thighs inflict cellulite gel or cream. Scheme massage body lines you can find on the internet.

Contraindications self-massage

Contraindications much, so before such procedures evaluate health status or consult with professional therapists.

It is impossible to massage:

  • in acute heart failure;
  • in diseases of the blood, heart;
  • psychological deviations;
  • during skin diseases, abscesses, rashes, acne;
  • with edema of lung, kidney and liver failure;
  • with stimulation of the skin, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis.

To opt out of the procedure alone is sufficient contraindications of this list. If you have in this respect all is well, safely proceed to the procedure!

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