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How to choose a concealer

The cosmetic arsenal of modern women asTypically, there is a lot of money to create the perfect makeup. However, amidst all this diversity it is foundation, as if by magic, able in minutes to change appearance, hiding fine lines or mask skin error. That is why his purchase should pay special attention to, instead of the miraculous transformation does not turn his face into a mask.

How to choose a concealer

The basic rules when choosing a foundation. Choosing a foundation, should not be guided by its value, although this is an important detail, but first of all the main characteristics of the product.

Individual skin type

This principle should be decisive inbuying. It turns out that the composition means any tone is not primarily directed at the skin color, and in its tendency to fat or conversely dryness. For example, in a cream for greasy skin types you find oils and for dry skin eliminates alcohol among its ingredients.

The color palette in the selection of foundation

Of course, the coloring of the selected tonecream should start from the peculiar shade of your skin. According to the basic rules of cosmetics should be selected tone a little lighter natural, to avoid artificiality. Although it is a very popular "smart" tint agent, self-adjusts to the color of the skin.


The texture of foundation

The consistency of creams are lighter,perfectly suitable for the summer season, and denser, having a high camouflage effect. Most often manufacturers produce the tool in the form of liquid fluid, air mousse or pencil. The thick texture of the cream, the more it colored pigment.

Additional features of foundation

Quite often the foundation has morea wide range of possibilities, rather than simply masking or matting. You can, for example, meet creams labeled «SPF», to protect against the damaging effects of sunlight. It is not uncommon now, and creams with a lifting effect, tightens wrinkles.


Getting to the choice of foundation, firstdecide for yourself what effect do you expect from him. After all, the same tool can perfectly matt and align the complexion, but it is bad to hide flaws. Relying on price or manufacturer's better not - as a rule, this approach does not prevent disappointments. To achieve the effect of a perfect natural makeup can only considering the individual characteristics of your skin.

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