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How to choose a concealer

Konsiller - a masking agent for the skin,correction pen, or just concealer. It is put on the problem areas of skin, when in order to achieve an even tone of foundation is not enough. It hides minor flaws on the face, whether it is a small scar, scratch or pimple.

concealer - magic wand for the face

For residents of the big city already concealerslong ago have become a real lifesaver. Camouflage traces of a sleepless night or foully jumped pimple on the eve of an important date - it seems there is nothing impossible for them. How to choose and use masking tools - correctors and concealers.


How to choose a concealer: tips

To face tone look perfect in yourarsenal should be at least two concealer - for the area around the eyes and face. The fact that the skin around the eyes is very delicate and needs special care. Consequently, toning tools for this area should be light and texture of plastic and contain a part of the maximum number of moisturizing and care components. Apply and distribute the agent may be using a special applicator, which is the majority of concealer brush or fine fluffy padded ring finger light patting movements. Selecting means to a tone lighter than your skin tone, you can also use it as a highlighter, highlighting the prominent areas of the face.


If you are constantly facing the challengedark circles and bruises under his eyes - then you can help color corrector. Typically, these products have a color tone different from the color, - pink, peach, green, lilac. These colors neutralize gray complexion, giving the face a fresh and rested appearance. Also, using color correction can be masked by dark spots. For greater durability over corrector you can apply concealer and secure a light layer of loose powder.


In order to mask the redness,inflammation or a pimple, use products with a dense texture, what happens with cream concealers. They lie on the skin invisible veil, while remaining virtually invisible, but at the same time perfectly disguising problem areas. Because of this property means cream may be applied in tandem with the creams as well as on moistened skin clean. To maximize the effect of masking enter a small amount of product on the thin synthetic brush, apply on the problem areas and blend borders.

under-eye concealers

How to apply concealer and corrector

Concealer and Corrector is best applied overtonal resources - so the product flow rate will be less, and make-up will last longer. Do not be afraid to make up layers - using several products, each of which solves a problem, on the contrary, we are creating a less noticeable and more comfortable for the face coating. Of course, no one has yet invented a better way for a perfect complexion, healthier than 8 hours of sleep, and regular walks in the fresh air, but also with modern concealers can achieve a similar effect quickly and easily.


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