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How to calm the nervous system quickly and without medication

Quickly achieve calm the nervous system youhelp as medical drugs, many of which are released from pharmacies without a prescription at all, and other techniques, which are quite can be called "popular". The most effective of them will be discussed below.

emergency measures

Do you feel that stress and anxietyare the main cause of poor quality of life for you? You have manifested chronic insomnia, relatives say the increased irritability and aggression? In this case, accept to review a number of effective techniques that allow you to remove stress from the nervous system to quickly and efficiently:

  • breathing exercises - It is advised to use not only in neuroses,but with excessive excitement, you feel unwell, dizziness; a few deep breaths provide the brain with oxygen in excess, to stimulate the thinking process;
  • cold shower - Sobering quickly removes all the negative and troubles; It is also very effective to soothe common cold water washing the nervous system;
  • listening to soothing music - This therapy is known since ancient times; slow and lyrical music you can listen to the mantra as a backdrop at any time of the day or night.

Traditional methods

While the vast majority of traditional"Popular" medical methods mercilessly criticized by modern doctors, and some of them do more than harm than useless, the use of some types of infusions of herbs is still recognized as a very effective way of how to calm the nervous system, even the professional medical community.

In any city you can find a huge drugstorenumber of soothing teas, in which herbs are the main ingredients. Ginseng, valerian, wormwood, peppermint leaf, chamomile - all these mixtures brewed with boiling water, in addition to its beneficial qualities very tasty. On top of them pay attention to the alcoholic tinctures based on soothing the nervous system of plants - hawthorn, calendula, etc...


In addition to ingestion of infusions and teas, trythis option herbal therapy, as sleep on herbal pillows. This pillow you can make with your own hands, and it is better to fill it with something particularly savory, such as lavender, mint, lemon balm.

If all the above methods, how to calmown nervous system do not help, think about visiting the doctor. Perhaps, in your particular case does not turn out to do without receiving special preparations.

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