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How to apply blush

Light color - the final touch of makeup. The role of blush can not be overstated - if applied correctly, they can be used to refresh a tired face, adjust its shape and give a bump in the right places.


But a failed application of blush, theyturn into strips and circles, which completely spoil the whole make-up. Moreover, it is important to know and sense of proportion, otherwise the owner instead of the shining face, you run the risk of becoming like a doll.

Basic mistakes when applying blush:

  1. Too much blush;
  2. The technique of application does not match the shape of your face;
  3. Bad Feather;
  4. Wrong color of blush;
  5. Incorrectly matched texture blush.

To avoid such errors, guided by the following rules.

Differences in texture rouge

Blush are represented by several species anddiffer in their texture. They are compact powder, friable, liquid, cream, in the form of sticks. Everyone has their pros and cons. Let's consider their main differences.


Compact powder blush. Their main advantage is convenience in application and economy. Suitable for all skin types. Also, this kind of blush can be applied over the powder and tonal remedy. It is correct to apply them with a special brush (often a brush is included with the blush, but it is too small and it is impossible to apply makeup qualitatively).

Crisp blush. Plus them in that they provide a light coating than the previous type and also easily applied and distributed evenly. Before applying blush on the face friable, lightly brush shake to remove excess. Suitable for all skin types.

Liquid and cream blush. Due to the texture creates the effect of moisture. Suitable for combination and dry skin type. The main disadvantage of liquid blush that they quickly dry out, making it impossible to correct makeup. Perhaps, for a perfect application it will take some time to practice. In fact, many makeup artists prefer to apply blush with a liquid texture is fingers, in principle, suitable and sponge.

The stick form. The main advantage of these rouge - a high resistance. But they are not suitable for everyone. Because of the oil content, owners of oily skin is better to abandon them.

How to choose a blush

To face look natural, you need to choose the right paint, combined with your own skin tone.

Dark-skinned and tanned girl suit terracotta, deep-brown and bronze tones.

Girls with fair skin should give preference to blush peach and pastel shades of pink.


Technique for applying blush for different types of face

On how well it will be appliedblush, the shape of your face will change, approaching the ideal. In addition, it is important to choose a special brush. The most suitable is with a bevelled edge. It is not only convenient in applying blush, but also ideal for sculpting the face and emphasizing cheekbones.

Round face type

Blush is applied from below cheeks, and thenblurred toward the direction of the temporal region. In this case, the lower part of the cheek will separate, the face shape will be more proportional and not so round. To do this, we draw our cheeks and apply a blush to the formed cavities, drawing the letter "C". Thoroughly shading towards the temples, with the most intense color should be from below the cheeks.

Oval face type

Apply blush directly on the cheekbones. If the shape of the face a little stretched, then we impose the most prominent cheeks, parallel to the line of the eye. Thus we achieve the visual effect of the expansion.

Square face type

To adjust the shape, define the middle of the cheeks, slightly below apply blush and rastrushivaem at an angle to the outside of the cheeks.

The triangular type of person

Blusher put on the middle of the cheeks and distributedcheekbones to the ears. This will soften the widest part. It can be applied as a triangle in which one side is parallel to the lower eyelid. To smooth the sharp chin, a little shaded by a darker tone.


As a highlight cheekbones using a blusher

To highlight the cheekbones, we come to the mirror and smiles broadly. This will determine the roundness of the center cheek. On the protruding area to apply blush and blend well towards the top of the ear.

To achieve the effect of round apples on the cheeks can bethe next technique. To do this, smile broadly, and without relaxing the muscles of the face, lips add up in a kiss. Apply blush on the cheeks bulging space and evenly distribute a circular motion.

The more difficult the adjustment of the faceapplying blush implies not only on the cheeks, and chin line and on the outer side of the forehead. Of course, it owned only by experienced makeup artists. Therefore beginners is better to put rouge on the cheeks only.

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