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How nice to make up eyes

You probably will not again carefully studied theirlooks, know their strengths and weaknesses. At the same time makeup artists believe that even the flaws can be turned into advantages, just need to know how to work with them. Based on the advice of professionals, we have compiled a guide step by step, how to make up beautiful eyes, given their cut, shape and color.

Also from reading you will learn about the possible nuances that may be encountered in the process of make-up. A make-up tips will give you to understand how to cope with them.

Basic components of a beautiful eye makeup

skin Cleansing

1. Cleansing the skin. The first mandatory step at which to begin any makeup. There are several options for skin cleansing - deep and superficial. If time permits, take advantage of special tools: scrub or exfoliating. They rid the skin of dead skin cells and make-up will be better, "lie." If time is short, easy to wipe the face tonic or micellar water (provided that no facial cosmetics). Otherwise, use a special pre-makeup remover.

. Moisturizing the skin

2. Moisturize the skin. On clean skin apply a moisturizer that fits your skin type. After this procedure, wait a few minutes, the cream is well absorbed.

Helpful advice: if your face looks tired and under the eyes in the morning there is swelling, take advantage of cosmetic ice. You can buy or make your own from a boiled, mineral water or herbal decoction.

The choice of color shades

3. The choice of color. First of all make-up should be as comfortable as it is for you. You do not have to blindly follow all the rules. Conventionally, the whole color scheme is divided into two types: "cold" and "warm" colors. "Cold" - blue, purple and shades. "Warm" - red, yellow and shades. It is worth remembering that they do not want to mix.

Applying the basics

4. The application of the basics. Before you begin to eye makeup, you need to apply foundation. In the area of ​​the eyes apply a concealer that will mask the vascular mesh, redness and bruising. The rest of the cut face creams and fix powder. If the face has large defects, such as wrinkles or acne marks, use a special base for make-up before applying the topcoat (foundation and powder). If your skin is in perfect condition, the applied base is optional.

Applying make-up

5. The application of makeup. When a person is completely ready, proceed to the make-up of eyes. But for the beginning (before the stage of skin cleansing) Work out on technique application of shadows, a pencil (eyeliner) and mascara. These are the three basic subjects, without which the creation of a beautiful eye makeup can not do.

How to paint the eye shadows

In order to make up beautiful eye shadows,you need a good applicator or brush makeup eyelids, better professional. They are not only more convenient to work, but also a touch to the skin will be more enjoyable. To begin, consider the classic version of eye makeup, using shadows, which consists of the following steps:

Step 1. In the area under the brow and in the inner corner of the upper eyelid plot the lightest of shades used.

Step 2: Next, we put shadow on the region of the movable century, the color of which one tone darker than the previous one.

Step 3. The darkest of the existing highlighted in the outer corner of the eye. Now, with a brush or applicator Shade border. It is important to give full attention to places of transition from one color to another. The border should be smooth and not stick out.


Step 4. You can also make up the lower eyelid. Thus it is necessary to use a special small applicator or even resort to a cotton swab.

Step 5. Carefully shade shadow border. The main rule in the processing of the lower eyelid - shadow should be a little bit.


When using shadows canhow to experiment with shades, and the methods of application. Not necessarily limited to applying darker shade on the outer corner of the eye. It looks wonderful option when the shadows are applied along the contour of the eye. Or you can try to put them on the middle of the century rolling stock to the outer edge.

If you plan to perform an evening shadowsmake-up, you can play with their intensity and brightness. To do this, apply the shadow with a damp brush. So you identify the main color that will perfectly blend with your attire and eye color.

How to use eye shadow pencil

If you're still not too sure of his hands hardness, make-up artists are advised to use eye pencil. With his choice of the main important parameter - the stiffness.

There are three degrees of hardness pencil for the eyes:

  • The soft - easy to apply, is bright enough. But there is a possibility that such a pencil is easy to break and crumble. Plus, it can be very persistent, permanent make-up will have to correct.
  • Solid - more resistant. But with the help of a solid pencil much easier to correctly draw the eyes, apply a clear and smooth line. When buying a solid stick always check it on your arm. It can be too hard and damage the delicate skin of the eye.
  • High rigidity - "golden mean." This pencil type combines the advantages of the two previous types. Choose his name.

The method of bringing a pencil eye:

Step 1. When applied to an arrow with a pencil it is important to try to hold one continuous line. If you will constantly take your hand, the needle will come out uneven. Do not be afraid to go beyond the boundaries of the rolling stock on the outer corner of the century - it will give the makeup a little spice.

Step 2. Blend the line, using a separate clean applicator (a pencil line, as opposed to the liner, shade required).


Step 3. Also you can take the line of the lower eyelid. It can start as from the beginning of the inner eyelid and end at the outer corner of the eye, and to be drawn only from the outer boundary.

Step 4: To give more depth to the look, pencil-test the bottom line of the inner eyelid.


How to paint eyeliner

Correctly and beautifully put make-up eyeliner is much more complicated, but it has a number of advantages compared to using a pencil:

  • arrow drawn by a liner, a bright, clear. All make-up, as a whole, it looks more crowded;
  • Any eyeliner is more stable in comparison with a pencil, irrespective of its hardness.

The main stages of applying eyeliner:

Step 1. Stand in the most comfortable position. The workers hands must be reliable support such as a table or dresser. Try to draw the line as close to the lash line. This option is the most accurate and beautiful.

Step 2. In contrast to the technique of working with a pencil at work with eyeliner is better not to apply a continuous line immediately. Remember drawing lessons at school. The easiest and most convenient to first put down a few points, then connect them with each other, thus you get ready to outline the future direction. And already on a path you easily spend an arrow with a single motion.


Step 3. Determine the location of the tip of the arrow. To this end Attach a pencil to line the outer corner of the lower eyelid - the arrow should continue to do so.

Step 4. Nakras using eyeliner tip of the arrow, and gently combine it with the main line.


Optional stop at the "classic" black eyeliner. They represented the whole palette of a painting. Below you will find out what colors are right for you.

How to paint eyes ink

It's hard to make a beautiful finishedeye without the use of ink. It would seem, any girl knows how to paint their eyes with ink, but there are a few things that make-up artists always take into account in its application:

Step 1. Apply mascara initially need from the lash line to the tips. At the first stage it is important not to overdo it, it will be just a few strokes. To get rid of excess mascara, use a special comb for the eyelashes or washed brush from the old carcasses.

Step 2. Different girls different direction of eyelash growth. Someone they are folded up, and someone dropped down. To correct the situation and make the lashes look more expressive will use curling irons. Use them before applying the second layer of mascara.


Step 3. Then you need a little touch up tips. Make-up artists are advised to do so as follows: bring the brush with mascara for eyelashes and gently blink a few times - so you do not nanesesh excess mascara.

Step 4. But the lashes on the lower eyelid, and NOT, are better left to draw the lower lid with a pencil. If you're used to paint the lower lashes, apply mascara in a single layer. And it will be enough a pair of strokes.


To achieve the volume that you would like to see on the upper lashes, you can with the help of a phased application of several layers of mascara while combing.

How to paint the eyes with regard to their form

It is impossible to give the right advice asnice to make up eyes, not previously considered, which make-up suit girl with a certain eye shape. With the right make-up can completely change the whole image of the girl, to radically change the facial features, including the shape of the eyes.

You already possess the machinery with the help of make-up shadows, pencil, eyeliner and mascara. It remains to understand how to apply this technique to fit the shape of your eyes.

How to paint small eyes

Small eyes

Visually enlarge the eyes, you can choose the mostlight shade shadows of suitable tint palette. Apply it on the entire eyelid from the lash line up to the brow. The inner corner of the eye underline white shades, and external - dark. It is better to use for arrows pencil, eyeliner instead. The line should be thin and well feathered.

How to paint the big eyes

Big eyes

The main task of makeup with big eyes -visually reduce them through the dark shadows and give "unbuttoned views" using light. To do this, we put light shadows under the eyebrows, and dark from the beginning of the century rolling the edges. Gently shaded border of the transition from dark to light shade. For staining of eyelashes best limited to a few layers of mascara.

How to paint around the eyes

Round eyes

Round eyes to visually "pull" tobring them closer to the almond-shaped. To do this, take the darker shades and carefully Procrit border between the mobile and the rest of the century. Shadows lighter shades Procrit mobile eyelid. Eyeliner applied over the lash line, starting from the inner corner and gradually expanding the loop to the outer corner. When applying mascara to pay special attention to the lashes at the outer corner of the eye, creating the effect of "wide-open eyes."

How to paint deep-set eyes

Deep-set eyes

To make deep-set eyes are usedshadows only light shades: a mat, and a mother of pearl. Light colors increase the space between the upper eyelid and eyebrow, and look more open. With deep-set eyes of eyeliner and arrows better to forget, as well as on the application of mascara in several layers (not more than two), or you risknesh further aggravate the severity of view.

How to paint widely spaced eyes

Widely spaced eyes

The inner corner of the eye on the moving of the centurythe beginning of the lash line to brow apply a maximum bright and saturated color, to pay attention to careful shading. On the rest of the century, apply a shade lighter shades. Carefully Procrit lashes in the middle of the century.

How to paint close-set eyes

Close-set eyes

The make-up of closely spaced eyes is importantobserve the correct gradient. Choose the most natural and the lighter shade and apply it to the inside of the rolling century. Then move on the outside, gradually darkening shade. The outer corner of the eye can further emphasize the pencil. When applying mascara to eyelashes enough to walk on, located at the outer corners of eyes.

How to paint swollen eyes

"Puffy" eyes

In this case, all operations are performed only on theupper eyelid. Spend a neat thin arrow and carefully Procrit lashes - this will be enough. You can use the shadows, which are applied to the boundary between the moving and the rest of the century. Just choose matte shadow dark shades without shine and carefully shade them.

How to paint overhanging eyelids

"Hanging" forever

The main objective of make-up with overhanging eyelids -lift the corner of the eye, thus making the problem less noticeable. To this end, under the eyebrow, starting from its middle to tip, you need to apply the lightest shade of color. Eyebrows in this case must be perfect: plucked and combed. Then you need to paint the outside middle of the century (that is, in the place of sagging) matte shadows more saturated color. Circuit smoothly shaded to the eyebrows. Ink is applied only on the upper eyelid, paying special attention to the lashes in the outer corners of eyes.

The make-up with overhanging eyelids are only matte shadow. Pearl Shimmer and further accentuate the problem.

How to choose the color of shadows under the eyes

To create beautiful make-up at the level ofProfessional make-up artist, not only to master the technique, you should still be able to choose the right shades that will blend in with the color of your eyes and complexion.

For brown eyes

Suit peach, pale pink, purple,purple, olive, black and all shades of brown. When choosing the color of shadows and take into account skin tone. Pink and peach colored suit only dark-skinned girl. Choose the 'classic' black mascara and eyeliner.

For gray eyes

This eye color is considered universal becausethat allows you to create beautiful makeup almost any toning scheme. But the gray eyes like most gray and all shades, including silver. This shadow shades choose always more intense than the color of the eyes, for example, pearlescent or Shimmer. Avoid all shades of matte. Additionally accentuate eyes black eyeliner and mascara.

For green eyes

This requires a special eye color makeup. Do you fit the color palette of brown and green, including the marsh-green and olive shades of copper or gold midtone. Also, with green eyes looks good evening make-up in purple hues: purple, lilac, plum, lavender. The ideal choice is a brown eyeliner and mascara in the same color.

For blue eyes

It will suit your makeup in pink, turquoiseand blue colors. Also, with blue eyes well together in the shade of lilac, jet-black, silver and gray. Eyeliner choose intense, black or gray color. The shadows do not always need to be bright and eye-catching. For your eye color may be ideally suited natural shades.

Variants beautiful eye makeup

According to the canons of the daily makeup should be morecalm and restrained. But when the evening make-up, you can not hold back and release the imagination flying. You can even use glitter and Shimmer. Importantly do not overdo it. Below are some popular makeup options.

Make-up in style Nude

Make-up in style Nude

Style nude coined for virtually allthe fair sex. Its main task - to disguise the deficiencies, such as circles or uneven complexion and give it a fresh, rested appearance. When this technique is no limitation on the shape and color of the eye. Makeup in Nude style can choose a very young girl and an older woman.

Light day make-up

Light day make-up

Starting from the name of art, we understand,such that makeup should most naturally look it in daylight. Make it a rule to apply a light day make-up in natural light source, it is best to have windows. Artificial light is in any case able to distort the picture. Can you transfer all of the necessary on the windowsill or balcony and do makeup there.

evening make-up

evening make-up

Presenting an exquisite evening make-up, youIt should give preference to saturated colors, suited to the color of your eyes. Prokrashivaya eyelashes, emphasize their entirety. If you have dark hair, choose a pencil eyeliner and black. With blond hair and brown give preference to gray.

Make-up Smoky eyes

Make-up Smoky eyes

This option is quite complicated to makeperformance. Initially, you need to decide whether you are going to pick up the palette itself, or buy a ready-made version. The main idea of ​​make-up smoky eyes - the perfect transition from light to dark shades. It is believed that this option is suitable only "exit", but it is not. There is a daily option in more detail how to do make-up Smokey Eyes, we describe in this article.

Makeup Cat eyes

Makeup Cat eyes

Modern makeup artists refer to this type of makeupone of the most beautiful. Correctly executed technique will give the eyes expressiveness, and their shape will become more elongated look. Details technique of makeup cat eyes examined here.

helpful hints

  • When choosing a decoction of herbs for ice cubesit is important to take into account the skin type. Dill helps owners of excessively oily skin. For the normal type is ideal for daisy and dry - mint. If you have combination skin, you can use cucumber and lemon.
  • When choosing makeup, especially funds for the eye area, always opt for natural ingredients. So you will avoid the appearance of redness and allergies.
  • Based on the same considerations, always throw out spoiled cosmetics released with the use of a term. Even if it is very expensive and it seems that the money is still quite useful.
  • When applying makeup worth to remember about the age, and not only on the shape and color of eyes. For older women fit more discreet make-up.
  • The eye make-up should pay attention to the eyebrows,give them the correct form. They can both spoil the whole picture, and give additional grace. If you are the owner of thick dark eyebrows, then just do the hair and secure them a special tool. But the owners of light eyebrows should use a pencil for a couple of shades darker to emphasize their line.
  • Extend the service will make a colorless powder. Applied over the shadows, it will give them more resistance.
  • Do not forget that the emphasis on the eyes, you should make a more calm lip makeup.
  • When applying makeup remember the color of the skin. Swarthy skin loves richer colors and light - quieter.

On the make-up of eyes said a lot. After reading our material you should learn how to choose colors that match the color of your eyes, as well as their beautiful painting without any help. Experiment, do not dwell on the strict framework and rules. Finally, the first results are available only to you. I would like to think that we could help you find your own personality.

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