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How do you make-up with red eye shadow

The red color was present in almost everya new collection of make-up autumn 2016, and the red mosaic shadows this season has produced brand Chanel, declaring to the whole world that the red - is the new black.

Red color on the eyes - the fashion trend of the season

Red eye shadow - this is a new trend, which every day becomes more and more popular. They are all, without exception: the main thing - to find your shade of red.

How to choose a red eye shadow

Increase the intensity of the blue eyes will help the red shadows that leave a little orange. Dark hazel and hazel green eyes perfect shade of burgundy.


Red, slightly fading into purple, blends perfectly with the green shade of burgundy glazami.Teply strengthen golden pigment brown eyes.


How to wear red shade

First we saw the actress Lucy Hale, whoIt appeared for a party Nylon Young Hollywood Party make-up with red shadows. They she summed upper and lower eyelids and the lightly shaded shadows around the eyes. She also made a lush eyelashes, eyebrows and beautifully laid nyudovy made lip make-up, having made up their lipstick color dusty rose. It was very cute and romantic!


Star makeup artist Patrick That ceremony for TonyAwards made in 2016 model Joan Smolz autumn fashion smokey ice, making them the main focus of the makeup. He used the eyeshadow in the shade of burgundy. Patrick shade shade on the upper and lower eyelid and brought them to the outer corner of the eye. Radiant skin model and nyudovye lips become the trailing accents in this image of beauty.


Patrick also made a delicious make-up modelGigi Hadid. He paid a red shade of burgundy shade on the upper eyelid moving, feathered for their crease and only slightly struck them on the lower eyelid. The image he also stressed nyudovoy lipstick.

No need to apply red shadows only along the lash line. So you give your face a tired look.

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