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Hormones Affecting Weight: causes and factors of imbalance

Between the weight and hormones have a close relationship. There are several types of activator substances which directly or indirectly affect a person's weight.

Lecithin - The hormone responsible for appetite and feelingsaturation. He tells our brain that the body fat as much as he needed, and should stop eating. When the level drops, there is a jump in appetite, the brain receives a signal that the body urgent need to replenish fat stores. On the amount of leptin affects our sleep. With a lack of sleep hormone levels decline. It was found that people who sleep less than 7 hours, are more inclined to a set of overweight than those who regularly get enough sleep.

Cortisol - A stress hormone. It is produced by the adrenal glands and is excreted by the body as a defensive reaction to stress. This hormone effect on the metabolism and obesity set differently. Many people under stress have an increased appetite, finding solace in food. This is due to the fact that the body needs extra energy to protect themselves. This slows down the metabolism to energy stocks remain longer. To jump occurred cortisol, you should try to maintain a sense of calm, avoid stressful situations, as well as find a way to relax.

Insulin - Hormone influencing the blood sugar level. It is produced by the pancreas, and an excessive amount of impact on weight gain. Violation of hormone production leads to disease of type 2 diabetes. To prevent the increase in insulin levels, costs less to use a white-colored product. The work of the pancreas improve under the influence of vanadium minerals chromium and vitamin B3 (niacin), which is often in our body lacks.

Ghrelin - The hormone responsible for feelings of hunger. It is produced in the stomach and sends signals to our brain about hunger. Its development impact of the increased calorie intake. Ghrelin stimulates the production of fructose, which is very much in carbonated beverages and fruit juices. Regular consumption of foods rich in fructose leads to increased feelings of hunger, and as a consequence - to overeating.

Estrogen - Sex hormone. The female figure has a nice rounded shape than is required to estrogen. The first hormonal explosion, that is, at puberty, any extra food eaten is converted into fat. Affect the occurrence of unpleasant consequences at a young age is simple - you need to control the diet and exercise play. But the biggest problem for women occurs after forty years. At this time, many are gaining weight in the hips and waist. This is due to the fact that the body begins to hormonal changes that prepare a woman to the menopause. Prevent this makes no sense, but it does not mean that we should swim fat. Some restrictions in eating and light exercise at this time are essential. You can also receive drugs that are assigned by a doctor after the test.

Thyroid hormonesAccelerating metabolism. The endocrine system plays a big role in weight regulation. Hormones T1, T2, T3, T4 produced by the thyroid gland, are similar, but the most influential to change our weight is considered thyroxine accelerates metabolism. With the active functioning of the thyroid hormones are synthesized greater, the higher the metabolic rate. Virtually any food eaten is converted into energy, and is not reflected in the figure. People with excess weight produces a small amount of thyroid hormones, so even under severe restrictions in the diet can not lose weight. To improve the activity of the thyroid gland can be enough to include foods high in iodine microelements: sea kale, seafood, etc. Assist and exercises, such as yoga or just tilt the neck..

In conclusion, we can say that the supporthormones that affect our weight quite easily. If it is not connected with the diseases, sometimes enough to lead a healthy lifestyle, to reconsider the diet, avoid stressful situations - and the hormonal balance is restored.

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