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Hormonal imbalance in women

Violation of hormonal influences on the verywomen's health, in fact it affects our weight, mood, skin texture and even hair color. Failures may lead to serious consequences: the problems with the reproductive system, up to infertility, weight change (obesity), change in libido, depression and other, equally unpleasant consequences.

The woman's body about 60 hormonesamong them are basic, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen and prolactin. Each of them is responsible for one or the other bodies. Any change in the amount of hormones in the increase or decrease leads to a change in hormonal levels and malfunction of the whole organism.


hormonal imbalance

What is estrogen

Estrogen - the main female hormone already makes itselfknow during puberty. He is responsible for the growth of the mammary glands and uterus further work. In adult women estrogen is responsible for the regular menstrual cycle, ready to conceive, childbearing during pregnancy and birth. In addition, low estrogena provokes the development of cervical erosion, breast tumors, obesity, frequent depression.



What is Progesterone

Progesterone is a hormone of pregnancy is considered becauseit is responsible for the conception and gestation. Deficiency may cause intrauterine inflammation, ovulation disturbance, even infertility. Pregnant women with low progesterone levels is subject to a high risk of miscarriage. Also, it is often the main cause of acne. Elevated hormone leads to renal failure, for the formation of the corpus luteum cyst.

What is testosterone

Testosterone is responsible for the sexual desire of women,regular menstrual cycles, the kidneys, the sebaceous glands. hormone lower content may lead to frigidity failure, menstrual malfunction sweat and sebaceous glands, development of renal failure. The overabundance of testosterone also adversely affect the performance of the woman's body: the shape becomes masculine type, there is excessive hair growth on the body.

What prolactin

Prolactin is responsible for the development and growth of dairyglands in the ripening period, and for milk production. Low hormone levels can lead to underdevelopment of the mammary glands, reduction in the amount of milk produced during breastfeeding. The increase in prolactin levels typical for pregnant women, but if it does not occur against a background of pregnancy, it leads to excess weight, disturbances in the menstrual cycle, may be indicative of such unpleasant diseases like polycystic (skleropolikistoz) ovarian, uterine fibroids.

Causes of hormonal disorders

Today, faced with this sooner or later, almost all the girls. Why are hormone disorders occur in women?

Bad ecology

The reason for that became the basis for most diseases. According to statistics, women who live in industrial cities, to 30% bowl suffer from hormone imbalance.

Stress, fatigue, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders and nutrition.

A bit similar to the first cause, because todayall you need to get done tomorrow, forget about sleep and rest. This rhythm of life not only affects the hormones, but also leads to nervous system disorders, malfunction of other organs.

Wrong way of life

This reason does not need even describe - drugs, alcohol and smoking is still no good do not lead.

Psychological. Quite rare, common ingirls who really want to become pregnant. There is even such a thing as a false pregnancy, when the background desire woman's body starts to behave as if already have the fruit, although it is actually not.

Heredity. If anyone in the female line was suffering from hormonal imbalance, something very good chance to catch the disease.

Other diseases. Sometimes, hormonal disorders are a consequence of other, equally serious diseases: oncology, the poor performance of the digestive system, heart attacks.

Start sex life. When she began having sex early, before the full maturation of the organism. But the later onset of sexual activity can also lead to hormonal imbalance.

Female body is a complicated systemthe interaction of each body. Hormonal disorders, which can be any woman, entail serious consequences. Therefore, when the first signs of sickness, changes in appearance should immediately consult a doctor.

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