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Homemade face masks - everyone can do

Masks for skin should include onlynatural ingredients. In no case can not be used mixtures that consist of different chemical elements - only essential oils can be used. Only in this way we can achieve the excellent effect and acquire attractive and healthy skin. The use of chemicals in the preparation of facial masks can help to get a quick, but the result of a one-time, and this has a negative effect on the area around the eyes and the skin of the eyelids.

Note that masks prepared inhome, give facial skin freshness and aesthetics, and the effect produced by them will be permanent. To get rid of wrinkles, you can make a mask on the basis of potato, cream and strong tea, as good a face mask with honey and a face mask of sour cream. To do this, carefully chop the potatoes using a blender, mix with other ingredients and apply the mixture on your face.

Homemade face masks - an effective and affordable way.

Tighten and smooth the skin, you can usecrushed pearl barley. The resulting flour is necessary to pour boiling water, wait for the cooling of the mass and put on your skin, wash off after half an hour of warm water.

Face mask based on milk and honeyequal proportions is considered a magnificent nutritional means. For the peel to the mix, you can add a little cereal. Mask put on 20 minutes, then rinse with warm running water. The result can be seen weekdays 3-4 applications.

Good bleaching mask can be prepared fromyogurt and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Also, the resulting mixture can be supplemented with crushed berries, such as mountain ash, cranberry, cranberry, raspberry, and other, you can add an egg yolk to obtain the best result. After removing the mask to the skin can use frozen fruit or vegetable juice - so you will add their own individual aesthetic freshness and natural radiance, and in addition great cheer skin. Homemade face masks available to everyone, especially good to help mask for oily skin, so do not underestimate their effectiveness.

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