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Hairstyles for brides - Greek Spit

Particularly popular hairstyleGreek style, which makes not only the wedding, but also to any other measures. Their characteristic feature - the volume, line softness, lightness. Weave wire harnesses are based on, or else are not very simple tight braids.

Hairstyle with braids for long hair brides

This is the most popular hairstyle for the wedding, as the bride - is primarily a natural freshness. If you are looking for an option on a braided hairstyles with long hair, a Greek Spit - for you.


How to make a Greek Spit

An important caveat - the volume. Therefore, the hair must be well washed and dried, tilting his head down, and then use a special powder, which is applied on hair partings and gently rubbed into the roots. If desired, the hair can be treated as salt spray, which will make future styling texture.

The next stage - the curls. Spin them recommended by the curling of 25-29 mm, pre-dividing the whole body into horizontal layers and performing tupirovku at the roots. The width of each strand -. 3-4 cm, it is desirable to pick up hot curls to cool clips to lock them in this state, and prolong life. Break your fingers is not necessary.

Spit itself can be carried out both on the side, andprecisely along the line of the spine. If you do the packing yourself, it is better to set the direction over the shoulder. The same option is recommended for images with a long veil, so she did not close her hair completely. To do this, at the moment cheat curls determine which side will be active, and to make the parting from the other. Then drag each curl to become more voluminous.


Sling all the locks on the side, grabbed the backSome strands invisible, so they do not block the neck. Separate the top layer (about 1 / 5-1 / 4 of the total weight of the hair), gently gather in a ponytail with a small silicone gum: it must be transparent. Now tuck tail upward and inward over the rubber band is clearly in the middle, thereby to turn it up and hide the point of fixation. Tighten the elastic band locks on up to return the amount.


Separate the layer just below, about the same volume: it is made up of a two-piece on the sides of existing tail. Also collect it the silicone rubber and the resulting tail turn out. Repeat these steps with each new layer is not treated with 3/4 of total volume of hair: should remain untouched only a small tip. It must be sprinkled with varnish and fingers gently collect curl for curl.

The attractiveness of this placement in the fact that with such a braided handle any girl. It perfectly complements the free silhouette dress with thin straps and an open back.

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