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Hair Removal: why there is irritation

The desire of every woman to become a little bit morebeautiful understandable. And what did not have to do to achieve this goal. But unfortunately, some of the procedures are absolutely do not enjoy, and their effects make you suffer for a long time. One such procedure is considered to epilation.

Causes inflammation

This procedure is very simple and very painful. After all, along with hairs and you get rid of the roots. But if the whole thing was in short of unpleasant sensations, to read our article you are now? Of course not!

In addition, so to speak, the pain aspect,consequences of such a procedure can be redness, inflammation, wounds may even appear. But that's not all! There is also a problem with ingrown hairs, pull out that account manually. In general, the proportion of women is hard, because the beauty still requires sacrifice, and turned out to be rather big.

But let's not talk about sad, because it is our task today to find out how to make this process more enjoyable and get rid of all the consequences.

First of all, let's see why the skin becomes red and inflamed. There are several reasons for this:

  • Too delicate skin;
  • Removing the top layer of skin along with the hairs;
  • Poor-quality tool for hair removal;
  • Allergy.

If you do the first time such a procedure, it is notIt is afraid and think that irritation - it's your eternal companion. Perhaps, over time, you have a few minutes after this execution forget that you were hurt. But for the first time the skin, not yet accustomed to the "abuse" of this kind, be sure to react badly to "bullying".

How to relieve irritation after epilation

If you have long been doing hair removal and constantly endure all this discomfort associated with irritation, then hurry to please you: the opportunity to alleviate your sufferings there!

First of all, you need to remember a fewrules are needed to carry out every time before epilation. First, obligatory rasparte skin pores are then enlarged, and the roots will escape more easily. Second, be sure to disinfect the skin immediately after the procedure.

For these purposes and suitable hydrogen peroxide, andalcohol, and even thermal water. Be sure to use a special cream after epilation irritation on the feet, hands and other body parts. It cools the skin and helps to cope with minimal irritation.

In no case do not do immediately after epilationshaving. You already have damaged skin with a razor, but there is also a blow. Such experiments threaten you hardball irritation to stop that for one or two days you will not succeed.

No need to also strongly sunbathingimmediately after such a procedure. You at least have to smear the skin "Panthenol" Even after lying in the shade harmless. So it is better not to risk their health for the sake of a moment of pleasure!

And another thing, if you own a few timesremove excess hair from any part of the body, and each time you had a strong irritation, it is best to give it a thankless job (I mean the independent disposal of vegetation) and make an appointment to the good expert. Of course, we have little Spend, but the result will exceed all your expectations.

Why there is irritation from waxing

Getting rid of excess vegetation usingwax - a separate conversation. It would seem natural product should not cause any adverse reactions, and the procedure must be easy and virtually painless.

But it was not there! In terms of morbidity, such a way to be beautiful without superfluous hair is no different from other types of hair removal, and irritation in this case is also not uncommon. What's the deal?

And the reasons are the same: improper preparation for the procedure, the use of conventional creams and other children. We remind you again: you can not sunbathe before the procedure, the skin smear cream is not recommended prior to epilation.

Do not also do waxing duringcritical days - the feeling will be 10 times stronger! And with varicose veins use wax is also not recommended, as, indeed, and to steam the skin over other procedures.

How to relieve irritation on the legs after depilation

Fortunately, inflamed skin on his feet aftergetting rid of excess vegetation - a rare phenomenon. But if you systematically smear legs soothing cream, we can offer you a more efficient way.

First of all, right after getting rid of the procedurevegetation on their feet, wipe the skin sponzhikom dipped in alcohol or peroxide. In principle, any suitable means, which includes an alcohol.

The next step is applying to the skina small amount of "Panthenol". But here the principle of using a little different than for burns. Leave on the skin means standing for fifteen minutes. Then it should be thoroughly washed with cold water.

Excellent suitable for removal of inflammation and chamomile broth. You only need to wet the skin with a cotton tamponchikom pre-dipping it in the broth, and redness will disappear before our eyes.

Irritation on your face after epilation

The person - is a different story. First of all, you should know that the appearance of excess facial hair in women - it is not the norm. And before you get rid of this trouble is to find out what caused this phenomenon.

May be several reasons: from inheritance and ending with stressful experiences. But if the cause is not amenable to elimination, and look good would be desirable, hair removal - it is exactly what you need.

Unfortunately, the skin on the face is quite delicate,so the redness are not uncommon. So it is necessary to take some steps in order to avoid discomfort. Starting procedure should be the same as for the skin on the feet, with disinfection. But alcohol is not you here mate!

Very often, its use in this casecan only aggravate the situation and lead to increased flaking. It is better to take the usual antiseptic ointment: it is perfectly cope with the task without causing any harm to your face.

Excellent help to get rid of redness and itchingaloe extract. Therefore, if you have seen somewhere cream with him in the lineup, make sure you buy it. This tool definitely keep your nerves, giving relief to the inflamed skin!

As you can see, prevent skin irritationafter getting rid of unwanted hair can be. And, although the procedure will still be very painful, you can get rid of the subsequent torments, if you follow our advice.

Do not despair, as a result you get a beautiful well-groomed body, and it is not so little!

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