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Hair Care - how to get healthy hair

Beautiful hair - a sign of good conditionthe whole organism. Modern medical studies have proven that nourish the hair not only external procedures. Of great importance is the daily diet. Eat regularly and include in the diet of a variety of foods that the body receives all the necessary nutrients. Only with good nutrition can have a healthy and shiny hair. Each meal should contain foods rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers and proteins, carbohydrates, trace elements. Proper nutrition have a positive impact on hair.

Beautiful and healthy hair - proper nutrition

Improper diet and dangerous diets hairsuffer hair will fall out and be lost luster. A balanced diet with plenty of protein and iron - an important aspect in strengthening the hair. And in order to hair was fresh and healthy, nutritional need to adhere to certain rules.

What food is needed for the beauty and health of hair

Eat light, a variety of foods. Your hair needs vitamins and minerals. Will benefit legumes, fish, bananas, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, nuts, vegetable oils, seafood, dairy products - yogurt, oatmeal, sprouted wheat grains, fruits, vegetables, honey. At least once a day, be sure to eat fruits and salads. Do not forget that the menu should be varied.
Drink at least two liters of mineral or spring water a day-if you have no problems with the kidneys, fluid removes toxins from the body. Drink water between meals.
During the meal or immediately thereafter refrain fromdrink - that you only dilute the gastric juice, reducing its concentration. If you have a habit to drink water, eat, think - maybe this is the result of lack of moisture in the body, when the saliva is not produced in sufficient quantities.
The daily rate of water distribute so that 2/3 had it in the first half of the day, at night and do not drink more than half a glass of liquid, or in the morning "bags" under the eyes are guaranteed.
Drink slowly, in small sips, with pleasure. The absorption of water cups "stretch" is not less than 10 minutes.


Avoid drinking coffee, strong tea, alcohol, potato chips, soda, canned food, reduce intake of sugar and sweets.
Do not smoke.
If you stick to a diet, try not to drop more than 1 kg per week. Fast weight loss leads to loss of muscle tone, which affects the condition of hair.
In just a few hours before bedtime Do not eat, drink a glass of milk or juice.
A healthy and youthful appearance can also be achieved by the regular intake of fresh carrot juice, milk, herbal tea with chamomile, mint, lemon balm.
Twice a year, should be a special course of vitamins to strengthen hair. Also suitable multivitamin complexes, aimed at improving the nails.
Make thin hair stronger and more luxuriant help dietary supplements rich in zinc and calcium.

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