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"Goodbye Cellulite!": The impact of programs to combat domestic defective

Cellulite - is a huge cosmetic problem, withIt faced by almost every modern woman. And asthenics here - not the exception, contrary to popular belief that the "orange crust" - a scourge for women with curvaceous frankly. Beauty salons and beauty parlor excitedly trumpeting their services to combat the female "disease", and then offering potential clients the "author" correction technique unattractive bumps for considerable sums of money.

But what if the family budget is strictlylimited, and want to be beautiful is not less than the wealthy lady? Effective anti-cellulite products is quite possible to make your own hands and use, without leaving your home! Moreover, in the vast number of cases, they are more productive than their "professional" expensive counterparts.

The nature of "orange peel"

Before you embark on a real fight cellulite, it is important to know his true nature.

The first thing you must understand - the subcutaneous fatFiber is present in every human being, so cellulite can affect any woman, even the most ascetic. If you are overweight, do not assume that he alone was responsible for the formation of tubercles on your waist, thighs or buttocks.

And if you lose weight "fanaticism", practicingstarvation diets, please note - you risk only enhance the visual appearance of cellulite, to which more will be added, and loose skin. So why is there "looseness" in problem areas?

Fat - is the defense mechanism of our body, and it is,as already mentioned, there are all the people on the planet. This is the material with which most reluctantly says goodbye to your body when you are dieting. Why?

Because it is from the lipid tissue he drawsenergy and vitality in the "stressful situations". Subcutaneous fat "fed" moisture, and it is in a liquid medium is an active growth and division of its cells.

When soft tissue occurs stagnant water,fat cells begin to grow and divide, transformed into lumps. Therefore, internal swelling is the main catalyst for the looseness of the fabric. Even if you have perfect slim on the nature of the body, do not be surprised to the presence of cellulite, if you are experiencing addiction to harmful foods, smoking or alcohol.

And if all this is compounded by the current generation of inherent physical inactivity, the formation and progression of cellulite and do not be surprised.

Where to begin?

First and foremost, what you have to send theirefforts in the victorious struggle against "orange peel" - a correction of their own lifestyle. No cellulite folk remedy, and even a professional massage or hardware procedure does not bring you results if you do not pay attention to his regime.

The rules for obtaining a beautiful smooth skin:

  • Complete cessation of smoking;
  • Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages (especially beer and spirits), replacing them with dry wine "on the occasion";
  • Exclusion of fried, fatty, spicy and smoked from your diet;
  • Moderate dosage intake of tea and coffee;
  • The normalization of motor activity (when the impossibility of physical exercise - regular walks);
  • Regular deep cleansing of the skin byits stratum corneum ( "dead" cells hinder full receipt tissue oxygen supply is collected in these excess fluid, toxins and wastes);
  • Periodic cleaning of the body and intestines;
  • The use of anti-cellulite at home.

Rest assured: By following these simple and healthy measures your "orange peel" literally dissolve before your eyes. And if you will support the progressive result of using folk remedies to combat cellulite, the positive effect is not only accelerated but also engages.

Traditional recipes to get rid of cellulitehome suggest exfoliation (scrub uses a natural anti-cellulite), body wraps, and perform a special massage. Especially popular and effective is a honey massage.

Step 1: Peeling of problem zones

Before you think of what anti-cellulite products- The most "workers" and effective, it should be understood that any expensive serum or homemade cream for dissolving fatty jumpers must at least adequately absorbed. But this is impossible if the surface of the skin is not properly cleaned and peeled.

Stagnation in the tissues often causeddense build-up of dead cells on their "barrier" of the surface. Dead cells also produce unpleasant phenomena such as goose bumps, scaling and roughness. And whether there is sense to fight cellulite, and if the skin itself has long lost its tone and elasticity?

The best anti-cellulite agent for preliminary scraping of the skin - a mixture of essential oils of grapefruit and bitter orange with natural sea salt and freshly ground coffee.

The rules, which will help you to make a quality exfoliating problem areas:

  • Mix the usual shower gel with 1 tsp ground coffee (abrasives should be very small, so you will achieve a soft exfoliation) or sea salt;
  • Add to the resulting composition of 3-4 drops of essential oil of citrus;
  • Pre rasparte skin. To do this, simply stand under a hot shower tolerated for 3-5 minutes;
  • Begin gently massaging the skin of the mix, using a circular motion;
  • We perform the procedure within 5-7 minutes;
  • Wash any part of the skin with warm water;
  • Complete the cool water pouring procedure to close the pores are cleaned;
  • Soak up the body with a soft towel and apply moisturizer to it.

You can buy ready-made warming and scrub,which is available in many skincare product lines. However, each of us on a subconscious level, knows that the best means - natural. Besides, they are equally available to all women.

Exfoliation procedure should be carried out at least 1 time per week.

Step 2: divide the bumps using massage

The most effective measure to get rid of "orange peel" necessarily include massage. What products should be used to its full holding?

The best remedy for anti-cellulite massage - an ordinary honey, but always natural. And to carry out such a procedure is possible both in the salon and at home.

Let us dwell on the second version:

  • Log in to the room the bathroom when there will be cool;
  • Apply a thin layer of honey on problem areas;
  • Make sure that your body is completely dry, and you have not marked sweating because of the heat in the bathroom;
  • Start exercise Clap hand movements on problem areas;
  • Make sure that the palm adheres well and forcefully detached from the body;
  • Clap gently, without effort;
  • Gradually, the honey will begin to acquire a white or grayish tone, and slide into the plastic mass. This - the same salt, toxins and wastes that are piling up in your subcutaneous fat;
  • 10-15 After the massage, wash the substance from the skin with warm water;
  • After exiting the shower, wipe the body with a soft towel and lubricate the treated space nutritious milk.

This procedure should be carried out courses. First, do a massage of 15 days in a row, then ensure yourself a break length of a week and repeat the course within 10 days. Next, you need only to maintain the effect, perform once a week.

Step 3: Wraps

The agent for anti-cellulite wraps is also possible to make your own hands:

Green or red clay in an amount of 2-3 tablespoons dilute with water to a paste;

Add to the mix a bit of kelp powder;

Type 1 tsp cocoa and a pinch of cinnamon;

Attach? tsp (It all depends on your skin if sensing that add very little) red pepper;

Flavored with a mixture of essential oils of mandarin and again grind;

Apply problem areas and wrap with cling film in several layers;

Allow at least 40 minutes, then rinse with warm water;

After showering lubricate body moisturizing lotion.

Wraps should be applied at least 1 time in 3 days to achieve a stable result.

Whatever means you choose, keep in mind thatit is important to start with the transformation of the inner state of the organism. Revise your own way of life, learn to eat right, to cultivate the habit to move more. Be slim, beautiful and attractive!

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