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Gentle cleansing and skin renewal

Regular exfoliation - one of the most importantrituals in skin care. Our skin is updated daily, and on the surface of dead skin are constantly emerging, the old dead skin cells. Normally, these cells are sloughed off by themselves, but air pollution, stress, hormonal changes and aging disrupt this process. Cutaneous fat glues the dead cells in the keratin scales, which remain on the surface and are the cause of many skin problems - give the skin a dull grayish lead to clogged pores and the development of inflammation. So our skin needs help in the form of soft, regular and very gentle exfoliation. For this perfect roll from overcoat peels.


Peeling - roll from overcoat is delicate cleansing and skin renewal

For oily skin with inflammation and acne, andalso sensitive, dry, thin skin is not suitable for aggressive scrubs and exfoliants with mechanical exfoliating particles - they traumatize the skin and worsen her condition. And then come to the aid peels soft-gommazhi, or, as they are called, "peel - roll from overcoat", very popular in Korean and Japanese cosmetics.


The essence of these peelings that means literallyIt rolled over the skin like an eraser, capturing dirt and dead cells from the surface. At the same time peeling roll from overcoat does not contain hard particles, so do not scratch the skin and does not damage it, and is very gentle and delicate exfoliating agent.

In addition to the effective cleaning of the skin, peeling roll from overcoatalso it has a slight massage effect, improves blood circulation, accelerates cellular metabolism, decongests and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells.


Asian bedroll peels are done on the basis ofcellulose. In most cases they also contain the enzyme papain in the composition and an amount of fruit acid - frequently in the form of fruit extracts. Pulp - soft sorbent during massage it effectively captures the sebum, dirt, keratin scales and cleanse the skin.

Papain and fruit acids helpsoftening of the stratum corneum and accelerate the exfoliation of dead cells. Fruit acids also stimulate the synthesis of collagen, have a moisturizing effect and improves skin elasticity.


Korean cosmetic brands oftenadded to the composition of the peeling soothing ingredients soothe irritation and inflammation of the skin and accelerate healing - such as allantoin, panthenol (vitamin B6), purslane extract.

How to use exfoliation - roll from overcoat

On cleansed dry skin cause sufficientmeans the amount, avoiding the lips and eyes. You can leave the facility for 1-2 minutes, or you can immediately start easily massage the skin with circular motions fingertips.


It is important to act gently, do not rubactive skin and prevent it from stretching. Under a peeling fingers literally begin to slide into the soft cellulose beads. Suffice it to massage the skin for 1-2 minutes, then wash off with warm water peeling.

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