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Tone Cream for Oily Skin

Tone Cream for oily skin types shouldpossess special properties that make up the skin's needs. At a meeting with the person we first pay attention to the face, especially the condition of his skin. Therefore, all the girls and women want to facial skin is always in good condition - was smooth, fresh and velvety.

How to choose a concealer for oily skin

However, there are a huge number of girls with fatskin type. Its shine and greasiness significantly spoil the natural beauty of the whole face. In this article, we describe how to choose a good foundation for oily skin.

Basic principles in the selection of foundation

For oily skin should not choose thick oncream consistency, as it will effect the mask. We recommend you to purchase easy matting cream powder or emulsion. To generate dot adjustment skin, it is best to use as a means of masking tone pencil.


When purchasing be sure to look at the ingredients. In the creams should be no essential oils, and if so, the list should be components at the end and in the minimal amount.

Pay attention to packaging. It necessarily indicate that the cream prevents the appearance of oily shine. If a manufacturer of such promises, simply do not buy his products. With its matting creams.

How to choose the right shade of foundation

Right to choose a cream shade when needednatural daylight. Artificial lighting is always distorts the color. Women who have very fair skin, not buy a cream with tan imparting effect. This is a mandatory rule that can not be broken, otherwise you'll have a slovenly appearance. Caucasian beauties better to use tonal resources to tone color apricot or peach. Tone cream with orange or pink shade will suit girls whose skin is thus slightly yellowish or grayish color.


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