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Fashionable hair color 2016 autumn

There comes a new season, which means that the girlsstart to think about what clothes, shoes to fill your wardrobe, and, of course, how to choose the makeup and hair color. Tint Hair plays a huge role in creating the image. That he emphasizes the perfect style of women, so the coloring must be approached with confidence.


Choose a hair color - pink blond

The best colorists of the world claim that this trendautumn - golden-pink blonde. According to them, this color will be good both blondes and brunettes, important to pay attention to skin tone and find the right coloring technique. Unusual color came to taste already many girls from different countries. So in his Instagram beauty bloggers, stylists, hairdressers and a fashionista spread images, offering to evaluate a new hair color to its subscribers.

Interestingly, the trend already enjoys a considerablepopularity. Thus, the girls immediately decided to become a golden blonde pink, just to meet the new season, not only with the new painting, but also with new positive emotions.


The golden-pink shade of blonde is gorgeous, but it is suitable not for everyone. Color is very picky about its owner, so it is necessary to choose very wisely.

Pink blond-To exactly fit the shade

Best of all it will be for women with warm skin tone
He is very well suited for women with pale beige skin


Hue is in harmony with the blue and green eyes
If the girl has quite pale skin tone, the golden-pink blonde will make the face look radiant and fresh.

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