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Fashion makeup for brown eyes: all the secrets! 120 photo


Owners brown eyes can emphasize theirnatural beauty with the right makeup. For this purpose, a variety of techniques that can correct some of the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity. Makeup for brown eyes, a photo which you can see on our website is designed to enhance the brightness and expressiveness. It also helps to complete the selected image. It can be a quiet, everyday make-up, or vice versa languid and seductive version with dark shades of shadows. So, let's see what make-up for brown eyes is right for you!


  • Fashion make-up trends for brown eyes
  • Varieties of makeup for brown eyes
  • How to do makeup for brown eyes: a step by step photo
  • Star Makeup for brown eyes: photos news

Fashion make-up trends for brown eyes

Ah, the fashion! It is changeable and surprises. Of course, makeup artists recommend not blindly follow it. After all, when the make-up should take into account the individual characteristics. The most win-win - it's Nude makeup style that has characterized as a make-up every day. It involves a minimum of screaming colors. This makeup looks very elegant and is perfect for brunettes, perfectly setting off their natural brightness.

Makeup for women with brown eyes in style Nude

When choosing should start from the shadowstsvetotipa face. For the "winter" of girls suit brown and slate shades of shadows. Girls 'summer' tsvetotipa recommended to use beige, gold, green and plum colors.

bright makeup to «smoky eyes» style is suitable for special occasions. For its implementation will need shade of dark tones.

The most popular black and gray. Also suitable blue, brown and olive green.

Selection is carried out taking into account shadows skin color, hair and eyes. Depth of view will emphasize the black eyeliner, which may be liquid or in form of a pencil.
There is also an office option. This makeup will suit business lady. It suggests a lack of brightness and vivid colors. All shades are peaceful range that highlight the dignity, not embraced them.

Smoky eyes for brown eyes

The trend makeup for brown eyes with arrows. For brunettes black eyeliner, is what we need, but at the chestnut hair is recommended to use eyeliner walnut color.

Make-up arrow for brown eyes

Effectively it looks makeup for brown eyes with redlipstick. In this case, only slightly emphasize the eyes, because the main focus - it is a sponge. It is enough to cause the shade of neutral shades and slightly tint cilia.

Makeup with red lipstick

Also now in vogue makeup with dark shades of lipstick (for example, red wine), which are very young women with brown eyes.

Varieties of makeup for brown eyes

  • Daily Makeover (Daily)

When you create any use make-up base. It evens out skin texture and prepares it for the subsequent imposition of makeup. After applying foundation, apply foundation that will even out skin tone and hide the shortcomings. Regarding shadows, their choice depends upon the color saturation of eye color. Dark brown eyes can be emphasized by a brown or golden shades. "Honey," her eyes well with the color "champagne". This shade can easily be combined with purple, blue. Dark brown eyes framed by lovely color shades of green and bronze shades.

Options for easy day makeup

Step by step photos execution day makeup for brown eyes

Step by step perform daily photo arrow makeup

  • Evening make-up for brown eyes

Festive image involves the allocation of sightand make it more languid and seductive. For its creation, make-up artists recommend to try different shades and textures. When you create an evening make-up, you should consider a holistic way: style of dress, the color of lipstick. You also can not ignore the skin color. It is necessary to pay attention to the nuances of their appearance, rather than chase the images presented in fashion magazines. Using a dark shade and shade eyeliner can emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. If brown eyes have a greenish tint, it is possible to combine the emerald and light tones and brown mascara. Adjust the shape of the eyes helps two-tone design.

Stock options evening makeup for brown eyes

Step by step photos execution fashion evening make-up for brown eyes

  • Smokey Eyes for brown eyes

This type of make-up became very popularand is used by many girls. It emphasizes the view depth and visually makes your eyes more. Especially such a make-up will suit brunettes and executed in dark colors. The basis of this technique is careful shading shadows, and the use of eyeliner. makeup feature that the darkest shadows are applied to the upper eyelid. Closer to the brow chosen a lighter shade of shadows. The transition should be very soft. To do this, need intense shading.

Makeup Smokey Eyes for brown eyes

  • Wedding makeup for brown eyes

Beautiful make-up - is a guarantee of good mood,and this is very important for the bride. Therefore, choosing the color palette, you should consider hair color. Makeup for brown eyes and blond hair runs shades of purple, beige, green, sand and emerald shades. To create a romantic and gentle image of fit flickering shadows.

Step by step photo option wedding makeup for girls with brown eyes

  • With the impending century

In order to visually conceal the problemimpending century can apply the technique of Ray Morris. To perform the make-up will need a dark gray or dark brown shade. It draws a line from the middle of the century to the outer corner. The same action is performed on the top and bottom of the century. As a result, the lines converge in the outer corner of the eye. The movable lid is covered with a light shade of matte shadow. Using the brush, eye shadow carefully shaded. The diagonal direction of the nose is applied to the bulk ink.

How to do makeup for brown eyes: a step by step photo

How to do makeup for brown eyes and dark hair can look at the step by step photos. Here are all the steps of skin preparation and proper application of the shadows.

The home makeover begins with the application framework,which will help even out skin texture and make it smoother. Then apply a thin layer of foundation and matting powder if necessary. Cheeks isolated blush. Next, you need to prepare for ever for the application of cosmetics. Hide blue and dark circles under the eyes will help proofreaders. To shadows fell evenly, makeup artists use a foundation. For the dark-haired beauties fit the shade of peach or orange range. Permission to paint eyelashes intensively.

Step by step photos perform gray makeup for brown eyes


Step by step photos homework bronze makeup for brown eyes


Star Makeup for brown eyes: photos news

Movie stars and pop divas always look a million. How do they do it? Watch a selection of photos of Hollywood makeup for brown eyes and produem repeat.

Makeup for brown eyes and blond hair: Shakira and Gwen Stefani

Makeup for brown eyes with red lipstick: Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lopez

Makeup for brown eyes and dark hair Kim Kardashian

Makeup Gwen Stefani

Makeup for brown eyes and dark hair: Julia Roberts and Penelope Cruz

Star make-up Salma Hayek

Eye makeup with fake eyelashes Kim Kardashian

Makeup for brown eyes and blond hair

Star Makeup Monica Bellucci (fit girls with impending century)

Star Makeover Natalie Portman

Star Makeover Keira Knightley

Star Makeup for brown eyes

Makeup Rihanna Eye

Eye Makeup Jennifer Lopez

Photos of beautiful and trendy makeup for brown eyes

Evening make-up for brown eyes to blue-gray shadows

Spectacular evening make-up

Fashion eye makeup 2017 - 2018

Options for evening make-up

Fashion make-up 2017-2018

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Trendy trendy makeup

Smokey Eyes

Eye makeup with arrows and purple shadows

Stylish make-up with brown shadows

Makeup for brown eyes to blue and blue shades

Makeup for brown eyes with blue shadows

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Makeup for brown eyes, photo

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Makeup for brown eyes for brunettes

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