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Facial Treatments - masks at home

All women want to be attractive at any age. To do this, women use the masks, creams, foams for washing and a variety of cosmetics.

Houses can be prepared excellent mask thatthe purchase will not be worse, even better at times. There is nothing better than what nature has given us, you just need to learn how to use it. In solving the problems with the skin, we help folk recipes that are much better for professional cosmetics.

Masks for solutions to all problems

Oily skin is characterized by brilliance and prone toinflammatory processes. The simplest mask for removing greasy consists of only two components, this honey and lemon. You will need to mix a spoonful of honey and a quarter of a lemon or any citrus, stir until smooth. Apply the mask to the pre-cleaned skin for 5 minutes.

Ingredients of many masks for oily skin is lemon juice.

Dry facial skin. Women with this type of skin know how unpleasant peeling face. This type of skin is very sensitive and requires good care. Olive oil is a real find, it nourishes and retains moisture. You just need to lubricate the skin 1 time per week warmed olive oil, to hold half an hour. For washing it is desirable to use foam for washing.

The mask for the skin, which requires bleaching. The recipe consists of two fruits containing a high concentration of vitamin C: Kiwi sweet and sour lemon. The basis of the mask of mashed 1/2 kiwi fruit. Lemon juice additional ingredient which is added in an amount of 1 tsp All is mixed and applied to the skin. After 8 minutes, rinsed with water.

best whitening masks are Chinese, Korean and Japanese facial masks.

One of the best whitening masks are Chinese, Korean and Japanese facial masks.

Of course, to whiten the skin quality and fastyourself at home is very difficult. For the most rapid and significant results immediately try better prepared mask. Numerous reviews on the web say that the best whitening mask made in China, Korea and Japan because there is a cult of white porcelain, a perfect skin. But no need to go for such a mask to China or Japan, you can order it and without leaving home. There are so many different Chinese masks Interent stores.

Combination skin. This type is the most capricious and fastidious care. This skin is prone to acne, acne and oily sheen. With the solution of this problem will help us manage the pulp of black bread. Halves crumb black bread to soak, add one spoon of baking soda and mix to form a slurry. Possibly applied twice a week for 10 minutes.

Normal skin is not prone to oily shine, todryness, inflammation of a gift of nature for the woman, but the skin also requires care. For food to be once a week to prepare masks from various fruits. For example, chop apple grinder or in any convenient way for you to put on your skin and rinse.

face masks

Mask based on the clay helps fight acne.

Face mask, which will please any type of skin. Real storehouse of vitamins has a cucumber. Mask based on cucumber nourishes, moisturizes, removes age spots, has a bleaching effect. If a cucumber mask to use on a regular basis, then you can forget about skin problems. For the mask is recommended to use cucumbers without bitterness. Grate the cucumber, add a spoonful of yogurt, yogurt or cottage cheese. The mask is ready to use.

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