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Face masks with honey: The best recipes!


  • Types of honey face masks
  • Face masks with honey: Popular Recipes

The healing properties of this sweet treats peopleused for centuries. The use it in food helps in the treatment of kidney diseases, liver, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system.

In cosmetology widely used in medicalmanufacture of masks and creams for the face and hands. Also popular are the medicinal honey masks recipes that can be prepared easily at home. For home facials in a number of cases, it is much more useful and effective than the store bought. Face mask with honey helps to cope with a lot of cosmetic problems, its main secret lies in the composition of this valuable product:

  • B vitamins - moisturize and soften, protect against inflammation;
  • zinc - smooths, reduces wrinkles;
  • Vitamin C - heals, relieves dryness, increases the production of collagen.

Face masks with honey are contraindicated for people prone to allergies and having dilated blood vessels. All the rest can safely use them to maintain their beauty.

Types of honey face masks

The variety of face masks with honey allows women with different skin problems to choose something suitable.

Honey - a known antioxidant, this is caused by its use against the aging of skin. He is well-moisturizes the upper layers of the epithelium, reducing the signs of aging.

Face masks with honey

Face masks with honey are used to fight acne and redness, as well as anti-aging effect.

As a rule, the face masks of honeywrinkles include additional ingredients such as yogurt, egg yolk, papaya, milk. It is necessary to try different options to find the most suitable for your skin type. Almost all suitable face mask with aloe vera that moisturizes the skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

For maximum effect, anti-aging facial mask with honey wrinkle complemented by massage. This contributes to toning muscles and enhancing the blood circulation.

Thanks to the antiseptic properties of the mainingredient masks for face with honey for acne is widely used to combat redness and in the treatment of the consequences of them. Given the characteristics of the skin, in the face mask with honey for acne are added lemon, egg yolk, green tea. This home recipe - a great option mask for oily skin. Also, with such a common problem like acne excellent job facial mask based on Dead Sea mud.

Honey is a great help in cleansing the skin andnarrowing the pores, so the face mask with honey - perfect for oily skin. To achieve the desired effect in the honey add camomile tea, salt, yogurt, potatoes.

Dry skin can also brush up on honeyreducing mask. It has excellent feeding properties and copes with desquamation. The composition of moisturizing and nourishing facial masks of honey include yogurt, sour cream, egg yolk.

Face masks with honey: popular recipes for cooking at home

Natural honey mask facial at homeconditions will help the skin stay young and healthy, and will save a significant part of the budget. The store can be found cosmetics based on honey, but, as a rule, high-quality masks are expensive, they contain preservatives and other questionable ingredients.

Face masks with honey are easy to prepare. Apply them need to clean skin with a brush or a special sponge. If honey is sugar, it should be warmed. Regular use of masks with honey facial at home allows you to achieve excellent results, which are sure you will enjoy.

Face mask with honey and lemon

These two ingredients are struggling with signsaging, pigmentation, freckles, acne, redness. With continued use, you can get rid of the rash. It is important to remember that such a mixture can dry up the skin.

Mix honey (25 g.) And lemon juice (15-18ml). Leave on your face for half an hour and wash off. After moisturize the skin cream.

Face mask of honey and eggs

Honey mask with egg has two varieties, which have two opposite effects. If you mix the honey and protein, you can narrow pores, reduce acne, make the skin matte.

Protein whip until foam formation, gently introduce 25 grams. honey and apply on the skin.

Face mask with honey and egg yolk is popular among older women. After all, it can significantly improve the complexion and even smooth out shallow wrinkles.

To do this, honey (25 g.) Is mixed with one egg yolk and accurate movements applied with synthetic brush on a clean face.

Honey mask with egg - not for frequent use. They are used at most once a week. Apply strictly for the massage lines, and leave to dry for 20-30 minutes. Then rinse with normal or mineral (for better effect) water.

Face mask with honey and butter

The masked olive oil is used more often, it tightens and nourishes the skin. Such care is suitable for normal to dry skin.

Honey (25 g.) And olive oil (15-20 ml) was mixed, warmed slightly in a water bath, put on the skin and leave it for 25-30 minutes. To remove dry, you can add one egg yolk.

Face mask with honey and sour cream

Sour fights age-related changes,has bleaching properties, relieves irritation. That is why the face mask of sour cream so popular. cream should be chosen with the highest percentage of fat, oily to dry skin - with the smallest.

To honey (25 oz.) Sour cream is added (20 mL), stir and put on your skin for half an hour. If you need to remove a small pigmentation, you can add a little lemon juice (5 ml.).

Face mask with honey and oatmeal

Face masks with honey

Pre-crushed cereal finely. You can use a blender or coffee grinder. Mask of oatmeal suit everyone, it will soothe and refresh the skin. After its application is observed noticeable improvements. The skin gets a healthy and radiant appearance.

Honey and the resulting flour from oatmeal mixed in equal proportions. Maintain a mixture of about 25 minutes.

Face mask with honey and milk

Mask has excellent nourishing and smoothing properties, it helps in shelling in the winter season.

Mix honey (25 c) with milk (5 ml). Hold for about 15 minutes, then remove residues with a damp cloth.

Face mask with banana and honey

Face mask with banana and honey is ideal for tired skin that has lost elasticity.

Honey and banana pulp mixed in equal quantities and apply evenly on problem areas avoiding the eye area.

Owners of different skin types can safelyapply masks recipes for face with honey to deal with any cosmetic problems. With minimal financial and time costs of honey masks can help women stay beautiful for a long time, and the young.

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