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Face mask with egg white: Popular Recipes masks


  • Variety of face masks with a protein
  • Popular recipes face masks with protein
  • Face mask with egg: video recipe

What could be better than relaxing afterworking hours for the benefit of its beauty. Of course, the mask, made with his own hands. Manufacture of domestic masks a very simple process, because all the necessary ingredients you will find in her kitchen. On the beneficial properties of masks heard every home. Always fresh supplements, acceptable price and the absence of artificial, and sometimes even harmful additives distinguish masks made at home, from the masks on the shelves.

In this article you will find some simplepopular home recipes face masks on the basis of the eggs with sugar, starch, honey and lemon. Each of them has its own purpose, such as a mask with lemon promotes skin whitening, and honey is an excellent remedy for nourishing the skin.

Variety of face masks with egg white

Face mask with protein - one of the mostpopular lifting masks, cooked at home. Egg white - perfect ingredient for home facial masks. It contains vitamin B, amino acids and other trace elements beneficial to the skin. Egg protein is often a part of the mask for oily or combination skin. In the latter case, the mask must be applied to portions of the T-zone, where the skin is usually a shine. Due to the fact that protein has a tightening effect, skin, under a mask, becomes fresh and elastic, disintegrating fine wrinkles. Face mask with protein relieve you of blackheads and narrows pores. Such masks have a rejuvenating effect, they are suitable for dry skin. Firming face mask with a protein is prepared using fresh cucumber and a small amount of olive oil or corn.

Egg face mask

Popular recipes face masks with egg white

There are many recipes for masks thatThey include egg white, as the main component. As a rule, face mask with egg protein, is prepared, starting with the fact that the protein should be beating in a thick foam, that he was not liquid and did not spread, and only then add the components, depending on what effect you want achieved. The most popular mask in its composition is very easy to prepare. On them you will not spend a lot of time, but the result will be noticeable immediately after you remove the mask and moisturizing face cream favorite. The skin will breathe and shine.

Face mask with egg white and honey

Before you make a mask, make sure that your honey is not an allergen.

A few tips for what would facial mask with honey was more effective.

  • Clean the skin with water or tonic;
  • Gently heat the honey;
  • Rub a mask in a circular motion;
  • Use mask immediately after cooking;

Recipe mask

In 15-20 minutes, apply on your face honey mixed with a protein foam, remove the remnants of cloth and wash with cool water.

Egg face mask

Face mask with egg white and lemon

This cleansing mask mattes the skin and tightens pores. Lemon is a good bleaching agent, after the mask skin will be fresh and rested.

The recipe is simple. Mix cool protein foam with lemon juice, in a dosage of about one spoon dining room and put on 15 minutes. Do not overdo strongly mask on his face, Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, it is not recommended to keep the mask for more than half an hour.

Face mask with egg white and starch

This type of mask will remove excess shine, will give a matte, if desired, and if you add a little more oil, the mask will increase the effect and moisturize the skin healthy.

Recipe mask

  • Dilute starch in warm water to porridge state
  • Pour the protein in starch
  • Rubbing motion apply on face
  • Water wash your face

Egg face mask

Face mask with egg white and sugar

This mask cleans the pores and serves,some way, facial scrub. Use a mask sugar, whip it with protein and apply on the skin. The mask is applied to the prepared, cleansed skin. Application time 15-20 minutes.

Pay attention to yourself. For this perfect face mask with egg protein at least once a week, and the result will not take long. Matte and shiny skin - this is what you need. And all this without the extra time and effort!

If you have dry or weathered skin, you'd better use a face mask made from egg yolk with lemon.

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