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Face mask with banana: simple recipes


  • This is useful banana mask?
  • Face mask with banana: common recipes
  • Face mask with banana at home: cooking and drawing

We all know from childhood bananas. Perhaps, it is difficult to find anyone who would not love this sweet delicious tropical fruit. Above all they are full of nutrients that have a positive effect on the skin. Vegan face mask with a banana at home will give your skin glow and refresh. A mask that is very simple and easy to cook at home the most, besides bananas can be found in stores all year round. In this article you will find the best homemade recipes and useful masks for the skin. Also, with the addition of a banana can do wonderful face mask with honey.

This is useful banana mask?

Everyone knows that bananas are full of potassium, which is struggling with dry skin. In addition, a face mask with a banana:

  • It enhances the regeneration of skin cells and prevents premature aging due to vitamin C;
  • improves the appearance and color of the skin due to vitamin B6;
  • Vitamin E helps to smooth out wrinkles and improves metabolism.

Masks of the banana suit absolutely everyone, will make an exception only holders are hypersensitive to this exotic fruit.

Face mask with banana useful both for oily and dry skin.

Face mask with banana wrinkle will be usefulnot only to combat the signs of aging are already appeared, but to prevent them. The simplest version of such a lifting-mask for the face - a quarter turn in banana pulp and mix with olive (corn) oil - 5 ml. Ready-mix, using a cotton pad or a special brush is applied to the skin, if necessary, and on the neck. Leave it on for twenty minutes. After not soak a cotton pad to remove a part, do not rinse.

Girls with dry skin will also be usefulProperties of bananas. To prepare the mask for the face with a banana for dry skin give the desired result, you need to follow a simple recipe. It is necessary to rub half a banana, add to the resulting mass of 20 ml. milk. Apply the mixture for 15 minutes, then remove with a cotton pad dipped in milk whey. This mask perfectly tones skin.

It will be useful for facial mask with banana andoily skin. Effectively tightens pores mask of banana (1 pc.) And 10ml. lemon juice. Cooked weight applied to the face for 35 minutes, then rinse the skin decoction of chamomile.

Face mask with banana: common recipes

In this article we will look at the most common recipes banana masks and their beneficial properties.

Face mask with banana and flower honey is goodsuitable for women of mature age, because Mask nourishes and tones the skin, also smoothes minor wrinkles. The mixture is prepared from one medium banana and a tablespoon of flower honey. Banana is pounded until mushy state, and the honey is heated on a steam bath. Mix the prepared ingredients, then gently on massage lines apply on face. Matured this mask roughly 15 minutes Then wash off with warm boiled water, and best of all herbal decoction.

Face mask with banana and starch.

Moisturize and rejuvenate the skin may face mask with banana and sour cream. For its preparation Rejuvenating mask, you will need half of the fruit and 20 ml. sour cream.

The resulting mixture fifteen minutes is applied to the skin. Then it is removed with warm boiled water.

Face mask with banana and starch significantlyIt tightens and refreshes the skin, gives it a velvety matte finish and improves the complexion. For the preparation you will need a banana pulp and equal to her the amount of starch. The ingredients you need to mix and apply a thin layer all over the face (avoiding the eye area). Post a mask to dry and wash off after twenty minutes.

Face mask with banana and olive oilideal for very dry skin. Nutritional ingredients such masks are half banana and 10 ml. olive oil. Banana pulp is mixed with oil. The mask spread evenly on the skin and leave for 35 minutes. After cleaning wipes to clean or wash with mineral water.

Face mask with banana and egg has twooptions: a protein to fat and egg yolk for dry skin. To mask for oily and combination skin will need: a banana pulp (1 tbsp), 5ml. lemon juice and a raw protein. All components are mixed. The finished mixture is uniformly applied to the problem areas.

Dry skin can be pampered with a mixture consisting ofbanana pulp, 5 ml. sour cream and egg yolk. Time keeping this mask - about 15 minutes. On the basis of banana it is also possible to prepare an excellent cleansing mask for the face.

Face mask with banana at home: cooking and drawing

Prepare banana mask at home is easy andquickly, the main thing to have on hand all the necessary ingredients. For example, for the preparation of a cleansing mask for dry skin of the bananas to them we must add half cup of oatmeal, welded to the hot milk.

For additional moisturizing the skin, add a face mask with banana sour cream or natural yogurt.

To prepare anti-aging banana mask,as additional ingredients, you can use honey, cottage cheese, sour cream or yogurt are also good mask with gelatin from wrinkles. To instantly refresh the face and remove signs of fatigue in the banana mask to add an orange or kiwi.

You can cook banana mask for oily skinlemon juice and protein. In addition, lemon juice helps fight blackheads and brightens the skin. For supply of dry skin in the mask, you can add an egg yolk, sour cream or olive oil.

To combat acne and acne bananas mixed with turmeric and baking soda.

After cooking a banana mask touse immediately, or over time it will lose its properties. Apply the mask, you can use sponge or fiber brush, so the mask will form a uniform layer. To prevent the mask to dry up ahead of time, you can make another gauze mask with slits for eyes and mouth, and put it on top of the already deposited mask. The main thing to strictly follow the instructions and recipes, not to overdo it with the ingredients and do not overdo the mask.

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