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Face mask of yeast: selected recipes


  • Variety of face masks from yeast
  • Popular recipes facial mask from yeast
  • Video: rejuvenating face mask from yeast after 40 years

Cosmetologists are looking for new ways to rejuvenate the skin,They use different ingredients, find new compounds that improve the condition of the skin as much as possible during its decay. Recently we noticed beauticians composition and does yeast added them in various cosmetics. The yeast can also be used at home. The advantage of these masks is that only natural ingredients and fresh products will be added to the yeast. The benefits of masks, cooked at home, already knows each. There are many factors to use masks, cooked his own hands. Food is always available, no need to spend huge amounts of imported cosmetics, as well as in the mask, you can add more natural foods and vitamins.

Variety of face masks from yeast

Yeast universal component masks thatmoisturize, rejuvenate and nourish the skin. In yeast contains vitamins in large numbers and minerals. Face mask of yeast suitable for every skin type. For oily skin helps remove pimples and smoothness, it is a great mask for the face of the wrinkles and folds, yeast mask has a drying effect, which is well removes unwanted shine. Face mask from yeast, cooked at home for dry skin, moisturizes and softens the skin. Just face mask from yeast removes paleness, will provide a healthy complexion and will protect delicate skin from wrinkles.

Masks on the basis of yeast are excellent forskin rejuvenation. Begin to use them better after 35 or 40 years (see the recipe in the video tutorial at the end of the article). It is also useful for skin rejuvenation homemade mask with gelatin.

Popular recipes facial mask from yeast

Face mask of the yeast is gainingpopularity due to fungi contained in the mass, these masks have unique properties and are able to literally transform once appearance. Be sure to prepare your skin for the application, and use a mask, which is prepared just once. After all, the properties of fungi is changing very quickly, and you can hurt yourself by using a mask even the next day.

facial mask from yeast

Face mask of yeast and milk

Almost the most popular mask with the addition of milk, cooked very simply.

2 cups milk 30 grams of yeast, mix and apply for 15-20 minutes.

Face mask of yeast and sour cream

To diversify the composition, facial maskYeast is done with the addition of various ingredients is enough to know the responsibilities of a particular product. If we add the lemon juice, the skin becomes whiter if the paste of cucumber, the maximum smoothed and grated potatoes maximum retracts shine. Apply the mask layer is thicker or more thin layers. So, take the yeast (2 tbsp) fray with sour cream, so that would make a uniform mixture. Smoem after 20 minutes, alternating cold water and a little warmer.

Face mask: yeast + honey

Face mask of yeast and honey

Honey is an allergen, before applying the mask, check how your skin react to the application of honey.

Honey is slightly warmed, add in the yeast, you can still drive egg white and add olive oil, applied more thickly, is well suited for combination skin, removes skin imperfections, evens.

Face mask of yeast and lemon

Mix low-fat yogurt, lemon juice, about the same amount of yeast. Wishes can add carrot juice, apply evenly with a thick layer on cleansed face. Hold for 15 minutes.

In general, a variety of masks from yeast can be doneholders of both oily and dry skin. Facial masks from yeast return radiance, smooth out wrinkles and pimples will be removed. As a rule, any mask with yeast is best to apply a thick layer to the skin is not visible, then under the guise of the skin absorbs all the nutrients. As a result you will be satisfied.

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