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Face mask of wrinkles

There is a girl or a woman whoI would not have wanted to look beautiful, healthy and attractive. Today, to achieve this is not difficult. However, our ancestors looked good and without modern cosmetics. They did a wonderful tool in the home.


  • Face mask of wrinkles from the coffee grounds
  • Masks for face wrinkles for different ages
  • Masks for face wrinkles for different skin types
  • Face mask of wrinkles around the eyes: The best homemade recipe

Face mask of wrinkles from the coffee grounds

Face mask of wrinkles, made fromCoffee grounds are mainly used for the purpose of rejuvenation in many beauty salons. But it is quite possible to use a mask directly to the home. Feature coffee agents is anti-stress and an energetic result.

face mask of coffee

This result is explained by the chemical composition of tiny grains, namely:

Tonic effect due to caffeine.

Antioxidant coffee rejuvenates the epidermis.

Coffee grounds consists of a large number of polyphenols, resulting in an increased firmness and elasticity of the skin.

To prepare homemade mask on the basis of coffeethick enough to mix directly with olive oil, natural yogurt or honey. Recipes such masks can be found in the article Masks for the face of the coffee grounds.

Mask of wrinkles in the home

Masks for face wrinkles for different ages

  • Face mask of wrinkles 30 - 35 years old: a recipe

Cosmetologists say that after thirty, your skin requires systematic care.
Below is the list of the main problems thatmust be performed in 30-35 years. The first task is to carefully hydration and nutrition. Further, there is a restoration and protection. In order to carry out the above manipulation known to a large number of proven options masks. Let's give an example of the most simple but very effective home remedies.
Honey-egg mixture is cooked at homeconditions, removes facial wrinkles. For its preparation is necessary: ​​one egg yolk, honey and 2 teaspoons of milk.. The resulting tool is applied to the epidermis even thin layer. The timing of the procedure is a half-hour. Then rinse the face with cool water.

Mask of wrinkles in the home

Face mask of wrinkles 35 - 40 years old: a recipe

After the onset of the 35 th anniversary of a woman is faced with more serious skin problems, rather than at an early age. In particular, these include:

  • The appearance of a wrinkled mesh.
  • Bags and circles under the eyes.
  • Regular swelling.

The problem lies in the age-related changes. To look beautiful at any age, there is one very effective and proven folk remedy. It is a mixture of protein and oatmeal. In addition, the thick paste that has a rejuvenating effect, it also nourishes the epidermis.

It must be remembered that after 35-40 years of domestic procedures should be carried out regularly, and then the skin will look fresh and healthy.

Face mask of wrinkles after 45 years: a recipe

After 45 years of a woman is only transferred to a newstandard of living. Age over 45 is considered to be a surprisingly beautiful period for women. At that age, the epidermis needs to be particularly careful care. This is caused by the thinning of the epidermis. The result is that you may experience pigmented areas. What can be done? You can use the tool, which is based on aloe, honey and egg yolk. The above mask facial wrinkles rejuvenates, nourishes and nourishes the epidermis vitamins.

Mask of wrinkles in the home

Face mask of wrinkles after 50 years: a recipe

Skin after 50 years, is rapidly losingits former elasticity. What caused this? This process occurs due to loss of fat layer and deterioration of metabolism. Tellingly, in this age, women constantly feel the dryness of the skin. The recipe for a rejuvenating means, above all, aimed at hydration of the epidermis.

Yeast mask for the face of wrinkles helpssaturation of the active elements of the epidermis. Recipe funds following: taken yeast and milk are bred. On the resulting mixture to forget for half an hour. Next, add the honey, fish oil and flax oil.

Face mask of wrinkles after 55 years: a recipe

Mature skin after 55 years are not able to producecollagen. Increased dryness is added desquamation, dull complexion and wrinkles pronounced. At this age, it is recommended to use the almond tool. In addition to anti-aging properties, the mask for the face of the wrinkles deeply nourishes the epidermis.

All of the above mask is recommended to do once in two days, combining them with the nutrition and hydration of the epidermis.

Masks for face wrinkles for different skin types

Fight with the first wrinkle (dry skin type)perfect the following means: dairy products, honey. For dry skin with honey nourishing agent is applied to the epidermis. Keep miracle mixture must be at least 15 minutes. With bold type come to the aid of a mask for the face wrinkles, which is based on the milk, starch and honey. For normal skin, you can use a mixture of coffee or use the tool with an egg.

Mask of wrinkles in the home

Face mask of wrinkles around the eyes: The best homemade recipe

Leather century is considered the most delicate area. Therefore, caring for it to be relevant.
We know so many different ways that prevent the development of wrinkles around the eyes. Here are the most effective means in the fight against wrinkles.

To age the skin look beautiful, you can alwaystake advantage of ordinary raw potatoes. His pre-Grate, further added thereto fatty cream. The finished weight evenly on a napkin, and is applied on the eyelids. The holding time is half an hour.

Other useful and simple recipes for home cosmetics, see these articles: Mask with gelatin and face mask for the face of the yeast.

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