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Face mask of sour cream: Selected Recipes


  • How useful mask cream for the face?
  • Face mask of sour cream: Selected Recipes
  • Face mask of sour cream at home: cooking and drawing

Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages for the masksthose prepared at home and those that are sold in stores cosmetics ready, in tubes, we can say one thing: self-made masks are much more useful to those who offer manufacturers of cosmetic products. Natural ingredients do not contain chemicals harmful to health, preservatives and other undesirable elements. Self-selected products for the preparation of tools for facial care, the very process of creating such a tool ensures that the skin will not be full of harmful substances. In addition, the store masks used low interest extracts of natural products, which means lower efficiency funds compared with home. Face mask of sour cream at home is one of the most popular.

How useful mask cream for the face?


sour cream

Moisturizing facial mask of sour cream is very useful for dry skin.

Face mask of sour cream can help to stopskin aging. The rejuvenating effect of the cream is due to high content of natural acids that help maintain skin tone, collagen. Face mask of wrinkles using this ingredient has the following formulation: 10 grams compressed yeast need a tablespoon of orange juice and a tablespoon of sour cream (all items are thoroughly mixed to a creamy consistency and applied to the face for a standard procedure for such a time - 20-30 minutes ). For that skin that has an unhealthy color and lethargy, ideal for hydrating mask for the face: from the pre-cooled sheets scarlet squeeze the juice and mix with the same amount of sour cream. The skin becomes more elastic, moisturized and healthy. By the way, an excellent alternative to sour cream moisturizing mask can serve as a mask for the face with honey. For those people who have problem skin, can also be a panacea face mask for acne: a tablespoon of sour cream mixed with a portion of grated cucumber and a small amount of chamomile and calendula flowers. There is a fast regeneration of the skin, due to vitamin A, so this mask will be able to cope with some of the consequences of post-acne. Also often used a mask for oily skin on the basis of cucumber, carrot, cottage cheese. On the Internet there are a lot of very good reviews about the face mask with activated charcoal. There is a special mask for dry skin: in equal parts of sour cream and mix thoroughly cooked oatmeal in advance together with one egg yolk. Means contained in a vitamin PP helps to improve the protective function of the skin, reducing effect is achieved through the action of vitamin B12. Face mask of sour cream is generally well nourishes the skin, helps to normalize metabolism (vitamin E contributes to this mostly).

Face mask of sour cream: Selected Recipes

  1. Face mask of sour cream and lemon. This mask copes with pigment spots, well whitens the skin. It is very easy to prepare: a tablespoon of sour cream must be mixed with the juice of half a lemon. This facial mask of sour cream, and this has the effect of light citrus acid exfoliation. The skin after such a mask for the face with lemon becomes fresher and more pleasant to the touch.
  2. Face mask of sour cream and honey. This type of cream masks can be called super - nutritious. On the beneficial properties of honey known from small to large. In a duet with sour cream, such a mixture will be able to save or simply aging skin very dry, flaking exposed. A tablespoon of sour cream is thoroughly mixed with a teaspoon of honey.
  3. Face mask of sour cream and oatmeal. As noted earlier, this mask of oatmeal perfectly cope with the task of nourishing the skin and prevent dryness. To this sour cream face mask is even more effective, it should be mixed with sour cream porridge, cooked in milk.


face mask of sour cream

Face mask of sour cream promotes cell regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin.

In addition to the above recipe, you can mix upsour cream with other products. Face mask of sour cream at home, including a cream and strawberries or cucumber help to give fresh skin to cope with a little red, smooth out the surface. If you mix this wonderful fermented milk product with a banana, you get an excellent rejuvenating mask, achieved cell regeneration effect, rejuvenation and improvement of the general state of the dermis. Face mask of sour cream and potatoes also comes into the treatment of dry skin (mashed potatoes should be warm to mix with sour cream). Triad "cream + carrots + yolk" nourishes a variety of vitamins, and helps prevent skin aging processes. Another triad - "cream + cheese + egg white" will help in the fight against acne. The proportions for cooking - identical to the previous (an equal number of each product).

Face mask of sour cream at home: cooking and drawing

Depending on the skin type (oily, dry) should beselect for cream mask with a certain percentage of fat: for dry - high, for a fat - low. It is worth noting that the cream will always be home to a high percentage of fat. Before applying the mask directly, the skin must be cleaned (use tonic, milk or soft scrub clean). Keep the mask of sour cream should be, on average, between 15 and 20 minutes. Use cream singly as well as possible, but to achieve the effect, which is the main purpose of the application of the mask, it is necessary to include other ingredients (examples of which are described above). Cooking homemade face masks is fairly easy, and the effect on them can be several times better than that of the masks purchased at the store.

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